DIY Divorce

How to DIY *Pro* Your California Divorce

Californians looking for an easier way to complete their divorce in California can use Hello Divorce’s fill-in-the-blank divorce paperwork through our Divorce Navigator. It’s a game-changer for DIY divorce.

Our web application allows you to complete the 20+ forms required for California divorce in plain language. You can do it on your own, at your own pace, without having to fork out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

The average cost of divorce in California is $27,000 per person. At Hello Divorce, we’ve managed to bring that average down to $1,500. Throughout the entire divorce, you have an account manager who processes and files your paperwork with the court. At any point, if you need a little extra help along the way, kind and experienced lawyers are standing by.

But how exactly does a DIY divorce work?

Watch our 5-minute video to understand the steps you will take to complete your divorce. *DIY Plus is now called DIY Pro. In short, there are three main steps to divorce. Each step consists of 1) preparing the relevant forms; 2) filing them with the court; and 3) serving (i.e. delivering) them on your spouse. To prepare the forms, you’ll follow a guided written online interview. When you’ve completed it, your forms will be instantly populated. You can then edit PDF’s directly if you have any changes you want to make. 

I’m not big on videos, can you summarize the Divorce process for me? Of course!

The form generating software housed in the Divorce Navigator (and accessible by links emailed to the DIY customer) simplifies the process of completing and filing lengthy and often confusing divorce paperwork. Our app walks you through an easy-to-understand guided interview. The form adapts to each user, asking you only questions that are relevant to your divorce, based on each of your previous answers. Work at your own pace and save your responses at every step.

After your forms are prepared for Step 1, a legal document assistant steps in and coordinates filing and service “delivery” of your pleadings (court forms). You’ll be separately invoiced for the court filing fee.

Once the Petition is back from the court, you can start Step 2, the mandatory financial disclosures. You will be asked to upload documents relating to your assets and debts. If you would like to redact any sensitive information such as your social sec number or full account numbers.), please do so before uploading your documents.

Step 3 is the Divorce Judgment – sometimes called a Stipulated Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage or a Marital Settlement Agreement. Before you can start Step 3, you’ll need to come to an agreement on all the “substantive” issues related to divorce. Note that sometimes the court will “reject” your judgment and ask for additional info. Usually, it’s an easy fix – but we will let you know if we think you should consult with a lawyer.

As you complete the divorce process, All filed documents will be uploaded to a secure server and shared with you.

After you have completed the 3 Steps of Divorce, your legal assistant will compile the Judgment “package.” and send to the court with self-addressed-stamped-envelopes. You’ll know you’re divorced when you receive your judgment back – this time stamped by the court. 

But, you can still get help from a California lawyer if you need it (for a transparent, flat-rate fee).

Should you find yourself with questions or needing help at any point in the process, we’re here for you. Access legal help from experienced lawyers and legal document assistants from our partners at Levine Family Law Group, on demand, at a transparent flat-rate fee. We also have referral partners (mediators), to help you and your spouse with working out agreements on everything from property division to child support.

You don’t need the expense of a traditional lawyer. And, you don’t need the stress of not knowing how much your divorce will cost.

Access the form generating features of Divorce Navigator today with your $99/month DIY Divorce membership, or choose DIY Pro for the added benefit of having a legal document assistant walk you through the divorce process.

Either way, you’ll save yourself time and (more) heartache.

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