Petition for Divorce & Summons

This template has everything you need to get your divorce started.

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About this Template:

Start here if you are ready to file for divorce. This is the first step of the divorce process.

Petition for Divorce

When to Use: When you are ready to file for divorce, legal separation, and/or dissolution of your registered domestic partnership, you must file a petition.

Why: This form contains all of the basic information the court needs to know to initiate a proceeding. This template will lead you through filling out this form correctly and completely.


When to Use: You have completed the petition for divorce or legal separation and are ready for the next step in the process

Why: This form contains important information about the divorce or separation process, which must be read carefully by you and your spouse or domestic partner.

You can still get a divorce, even with court closures. Here’s how.

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