Plan B: Why the Happily Married Should Consider a Post-Nuptial Agreement

What the heck is a divorce lawyer doing writing a blog for two people in love, married, and with no intention of ever separating? Hmmm…Is it because I’m unromantic? cynical? distasteful? Gosh, I hope not.

I guess I’ve seen a lot of good love gone bad. I’ve seen once happily married people saying things like, “she was my best friend, but I don’t even know her anymore” or “I’ve worked so hard for what I’ve earned, he doesn’t deserve what he’s demanding” or “I’m going to make her pay for giving up on us.”
But despite what we say in the heat of passion or when reacting to a broken heart, we loved and respected this person enough to marry, sometimes have children with, and share our most intimate moments.

So, are you happily married? I don’t think that means you shouldn’t consider a post-nuptial agreement, and here’s why.

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