Child custody books

Our Favorite Divorce and Co-parenting Books

You have separated from your spouse. Life is tough and feels a bit messy. You are looking for good resources anywhere you can find them so you can lower the tension, mend your heart, build a positive co-parenting relationship, protect your future, and supercharge your self-growth.

  • Do try a support group.
  • Do consider hiring a divorce manager to help you navigate your emotions and the divorce process.
  • Do consult a legal coach if you have a complex case or a nasty ex.
  • Do try mediation if you haven’t resolved your divorce-related issues but both of you want to remain amicable.
  • Do think about co-parenting counseling if you can’t seem to get on the same (parenting) page.
  • Do ask an attorney about the possibility of a child custody evaluation, minor’s counsel, or special master in your contested custody case.
  • Do focus on the needs of your child instead of revenge on your ex.
  • Do read books that help you focus on your child’s needs during this seriously conflicted, scary, frustrating time.

Don’t turn to books like Hit Him Where it Hurts or How to Outsmart Your Wife. Judges can see through that behavior, and family law is all about good faith.

What are some helpful reads?

Did we miss any books that you have found particularly helpful? Do you have any recommendations for books that specifically address issues unique to the LGBTQ community or are written by a POC?  Let us know below!


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