Recommended Books for Contested Child Custody Issues

You’ve separated from your child’s other parent. Life is tough, and litigation is messy. You are looking for good resources anywhere you can find it.

• Do try a support group.
• Do consult a lawyer or a court facilitator.
• Do try mediation if your ex is a good candidate for it.
• Do think about co-parenting counseling.
• Do ask counsel about the possibility of a child custody evaluation.
• Do determine if minor’s counsel may be appropriate in your case.
• Do focus on the needs of your child instead of revenge on your ex.

And last but not least, do read books that help you focus on your child’s needs during this seriously conflicted, scary and frustrating time.

We’ve compiled a list of worthwhile books that will instill confidence and help you through the trying times. Keep reading to find out if one of them (or all) is right for you.

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