Should I File a Response?

If you have been served with the Summons (FL-110) and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (FL-100), you are the Respondent. Once you’ve been served, you have to file a Response (FL-120) within 30 days unless (a) you do not object to the requests articulated in your spouse’s Petition; (b) your spouse has granted you an extension (in writing) to hold off on filing a response while the two of you mediate or negotiate the issues involved in your divorce (assets, debts, kids, financial support, attorney fees); or (c) you are filing another document to try and dismiss or move the divorce to another county or state.*

If you are considering not filing a response, proceed with caution and only after obtaining the advice of an experienced divorce lawyer.

In the event that you and your spouse are working towards a mediated agreement, it may benefit you not to file a response. Sign up for a free Hello Divorce subscription to learn more about your options after being served.

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