Small Ways to Save Big on Your Divorce Costs

Divorce can be stressful enough without the additional burden of being expensive too, but divorces don’t have to break the bank. There are a few small things you could do to keep costs down which may also relieve some stress in the process.

1. Limit Emails:
Multiple emails are hard to keep track of and keep up with. When sending emails I recommend consolidating all of your thoughts and questions into one email. This is not to discourage you from sending emails altogether, but when sending an email include as much information into one email as you possibly can. If you know that you may have a lot of questions, thoughts, or ideas it may be helpful to create a section in the notes app on your phone to jot down things as they come up and at the end of the day, email everything that you have written in your notes. One email per day to your lawyer or divorce coach should be sufficient. While I know, you can get antsy waiting on a response or waiting on an endorsed copy of a document from court, try to avoid sending emails to “check-in” or check on the status of something, your lawyer will notify you if anything comes up.

2. Limit Calls:
Much like emails, multiple calls are hard to keep up with and should be limited when they can be. Calls are very useful especially when trying to explain or better understand something that is complex or complicated. With calls it is best to have a list of questions or thoughts you would like to share that you can reference during your call with your lawyer or lawyer, this will also help you to stay on track.

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