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The Top 10 California Divorce Questions We Get Asked During Intro Calls (+ answers, of course)

Answers to questions you didn’t even know you had yet:

1. We aren’t going to lawyer up, but do we need a mediator?

You only need a mediator if you and your soon-to-be-ex (STBX) can’t come to an agreement on a particular issue (e.g. how much child support or whether or not the house will be sold. If you think you are going to be able to come to agreements on all the ‘stuff’, no need to hire a mediator (at this point). Hello Divorce can prepare your paperwork.

2. What exactly does a divorce mediator do?

A lawyer mediator generally is a neutral who helps you and your spouse work our areas of disagreement, prepares and files your paperwork. The average lawyer mediator charges a retainer – approximately $5,000. If your divorce is particularly contentious or complicated, mediation can cost a lot more (but a lot less than litigation).

3. We aren’t really fighting about anything? Is there a ‘quickie’ divorce process?

Yes, it’s called a summary dissolution but you can only use it if you meet the qualifications. If you don’t, then you still have to go through an ordinary divorce and file a petition, file financial disclosures and get a final judgment and/or marital settlement agreement – but you can move through the steps a lot quicker.

4. Does it matter who files for divorce first?

If you file first as the Petitioner, you do not get a legal advantage. However, it’s nice to file first because you have a bit more control over the process. As an example, if your spouse doesn’t file a Response and doesn’t participate at all, you can move forward in the process without their involvement.

5. I want to use your Divorce Navigator (think: Turbo Tax for divorce) but I don’t want to file and serve all the documents, can you help?

Yes! We offer an upgrade for a one time payment of $500. We will file, process and serve all of your paperwork.

6. What is a legal document assistant (LDA)? Are they licensed to practice law?

Think of LDA’s as your divorce “tour guide.” They provide encouragement, keep your divorce on track, and prepare, file and process all of your divorce forms. They cannot give legal advice. If you need or want advice, we offer access to experienced lawyers in increments of 30 minutes.

7. What if I need help calculating support or talking about my (legal) options?

Hire a lawyer for 30 min or more! Your lawyer will have access to all the work you or your LDA have prepared through Hello Divorce.

8. Will I have to go to court?

No. As long as you can come to agreements on all the issues pertaining to your divorce, you don’t have to go to court. Ever.

9. Explain this 6-month waiting period thing.

While you might finish your paperwork long before the 6 month waiting period, you still won’t be officially divorced until it has been 6 months from the date the divorce petition is filed AND served (delivered) to your spouse.

10. What if my spouse refuses to participate – can you still get me divorced?

Yes. This is called a divorce by default.

And (while I’m at it), here are a few bonus questions:

1. Your services look great. But how do I know which service or product to choose?

Schedule a free 15-minute call and we’ll talk you through the options to figure out which is best for you. Or check them out yourself at this link. If you don’t see a package that works for you, no worries! Request a quote (link) and will craft a package just for you.

2. If I have just a few questions, can you help?

Sure! You can book just 30 minutes of time with one of our vetted attorneys at a flat-rate fee. Or buy a larger block of time and spread it out throughout the course of your divorce. Get legal advice by whatever method you choose – email, chat, text, call or video conference.

3. What is the Divorce Navigator?

People don’t usually think of DIY as a divorce option, but it is now through our Divorce Navigator app. Whether your divorce is contested or not, you must complete the 20+ mandatory forms required – but why pay high attorney fees to fill out forms you can easily do on your own? Upgrade to DIY Divorce and the Divorce Navigator will guide you through your divorce, start to finish.

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