Hello Divorce Services

Financial Services

Whether you are just considering a separation from your spouse or you’re already in the divorce process, a CDFA can help you and your spouse understand how finances should be handled.
$300 - $1,500 Divorce Financial Planning (CDFA) by the Hour Meet via phone or video call with one of Hello Divorce's divorce finance experts (CDFAs) to help you understand your options around asset division, real estate, child and spousal support, retirement plans, and more. Choose Options
$20 Property Detail Report, Valuation and Credit Review Included in this report is a meeting with our real estate team to evaluate your credit report and discuss options based on your property report. You can refresh this report quarterly up to five times to confirm property status as you navigate your divorce process. Choose Options


During mediation, divorcing couples work with an impartial third party on issues they need help resolving, such as custody, finances, and property division. Our experienced mediators know all about divorce law, and while they can’t give legal advice, they will help you better understand all of your options. The main goal of mediation is to reach a full agreement outside of court.
$300 - $1,500 Mediation by the Hour Meet with a Hello Divorce certified mediator to help you and your spouse come to an agreement on outstanding issues. Meetings are by phone or video call and can be purchased by the hour. Choose Options

Lawyer Services

We never try to upsell or add on services you don’t really need here at Hello Divorce. But while a DIY divorce helps you get divorced your way, sometimes a little extra help can save a lot of time, money, and stress in the long term. Fortunately, there is a lot of help available – and we’ve made it as flexible and affordable as possible, while only working with the best legal professionals.

Divorce Coaching

Hello Divorce’s certified professional divorce coaches provide support, advice, and help you create actionable plans before, during, or after divorce.
$150 - $750 Divorce Coaching by the Hour Hello Divorce's certified divorce coaches provide support, advice, and options to help you make decisions about your divorce, start or continue your process, or navigate life after divorce. Choose Options

Divorce Plans: a la Carte


We offer each step in our Pro plan a la carte. Use these individual steps to file a Response, fill out your Financial Disclosures or Decree, or put together your Agreement and Judgment forms. 

Private Judge


Get your divorce decree (judgment) processed quickly and efficiently. A private judge is a lawyer or retired judge who is hired by parties involved in a legal dispute. Their job is to review your agreement privately and outside of a traditional courtroom. This option is often used in divorces where parties desire a more efficient and private legal process.