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1. The materials being accessed are free and available to any member of the public at any time. By accessing the materials, you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older and legally competent to agree to these terms and conditions. By accessing or using our website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions herein and concluding a legally binding contract with us. Do not access or use our platform if you are unwilling or unable to be bound by the following terms.

2. Hello Divorce does not perform a conflicts check or other screening for anyone accessing free materials. You understand that both you and your opposing party may be accessing identical materials.

3. Hello Divorce is a corporation that offers self-help DIY software, instructional templates and videos. Hello Divorce also provides (1) generally published, factual information, that has been approved by an attorney and pertains to legal procedures, rights, or obligations, with you representing yourself in a legal matter; (2) access relevant, published legal documents; (3) a “Do-it-yourself” divorce form generator; and (4) access to affiliate lawyers who you can hire to assist you in your legal matter. We are also a  legal document assistant corporation offering self-help services, as defined by B&P Section 6400. LDA services include:  completing, filing and/or serving (delivering) legal documents at your specific direction.

4. Hello Divorce is not a law firm nor does it provide attorney services. As such, ACCESSING HELLO DIVORCE’S FREE MATERIALS DOES NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND HELLO DIVORCE OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATED ENTITIES. Should you decide to access and pay for any of Hello Divorce’s premium services (e.g.  our form generating software and/or legal document assisted divorce), please understand that our services are not suitable for everyone or every case. Clients are accepted at our discretion. We make no guarantees regarding the outcome of your case. 

5. While Hello Divorce is not a law firm, Hello Divorce does provide access to a marketplace of lawyers and/or law firms through its platform that do enter into attorney-client relationships. Should you decide to access and pay for any legal or lawyer help through any of Hello Divorce’s affiliated entities (e.g. Levine Family Law Group), you will be required to review and accept a new “Terms and Conditions” (aka attorney engagement letter) specifically related to the services and fees that you are hiring them to perform. The “Terms and Conditions” may be unrelated to this site, a screen for conflicts of interest, and other policies of the particular lawyer or rules of the State Bar Association in which they maintain an office(s).  Please note, affiliated lawyers do not “fee split” (share fees) with Hello Divorce. Rather, lawyers that provide services through the Hello Divorce platform pay a standard monthly fee which provides them, among other things, with: (1) effortless client on-boarding; (2) form generating software and other resources to assist them to provide cost-effective legal help to consumers; (3) easy file management; and (4) access to a marketplace of consumers who desire legal help from lawyers who are familiar with the Hello Divorce platform. 

6. We make no representation as to the outcome of any legal matter, as we are not your lawyers and we do not have knowledge of any facts related to your case.

7. All intellectual property rights to the materials are owned by Hello Divorce. No materials may be sold, exploited for a commercial purpose, duplicated, shown in public, edited or otherwise modified without the express written consent of Hello Divorce.

8. If at any point we determine for any reason that we cannot continue to provide access to the materials currently available, we may remove access to such materials, and no recourse shall be available to any member of the public. These materials are provided as a public service by Hello Divorce at its cost, and Hello Divorce has no obligation to provide or continue to provide these materials.

9. The materials provided are informational only and do not provide content tailored to your specific matter. The information presented is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, and is subject to change without notice. We shall make every reasonable attempt to keep the information available up to date with all legal developments, and the information contained in the materials is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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