Texas Divorce Navigator: You did it!

The next step? It’s really up to you. Here we’ll share some tips that might help you.

Make sure you've completed all the required steps

If you haven’t already, 1) make sure you’ve exchanged financial disclosures with your spouse (unless you both agreed to not exchange them), 2) You’ll also want to follow up with the court to determine what your final step will be, a prove-up hearing or just signing an affidavit – if you’re DIY Pro, Divorce Plus, or Divorce with Benefits, Hello Divorce will contact the court on your behalf.

Double check your final decree

Once you have your final decree completely filled out (make sure of this because it could get rejected if it’s not complete), you need to bring it with you to your scheduled prove-up hearing, if there is one. If everything looks good to the judge, they can sign it during that hearing.

You may need to work out a few things after your divorce

Sometimes, divorces are granted before all the nitty gritty of financials are completely worked out and actually divided. If you or your spouse have retirement accounts, need to refinance a home, or get new life insurance, it doesn’t always work on the divorce timeline. We have legal coaching available for a flat fee if you need help. You got this.

Finally, we'd love to know if we can do better

We know that divorce sucks, and our whole mission is to make the process easier to understand, less stressful, and less messy for everyone involved. Did we help you with that? We’d love to know where we rocked it, and what we could have done to make it easier. If you have a few minutes, we’d love it if you could tell us how we did. No pressure!

You’re not starting over – you’re starting from experience.


Step 1: Petition & Response

Step 1: Complete


Step 2: Financial Disclosures

Step 2: Complete


Step 3: Final Decree

Step 3: Complete


Divorce Wrap Up

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