DIY: It’s time to file your Step 1 forms!

First: Gather your materials & prep your forms

Access all your completed forms.

Click here to access all your completed forms. You need to digitally or physically sign where needed.

Upload your signed forms to a place where you can access them to e-file.

You are e-filing with the court. You’ll need to be able to access your forms with signatures electronically to e-file. Please keep your Waiver of Service separate, as you will not send this to court – you will send it directly to your spouse

E-file your forms!

E-filing is the best way to submit your Petition to the court. Click here to access e-filing providers in Texas.


Step 1: Petition & Response

Step 1: Complete


Step 2: Financial Disclosures

Step 2: Complete


Step 3: Final Decree

Step 3: Complete


Step 4: Divorce Wrap Up

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