It’s time to sign your final decree and finalize your divorce!

Print & sign all your completed final decree forms

Share your financial disclosures with your spouse if you completed them

If you and your spouse did financial disclosures, you need to share them with each other to meet the legal requirements.

Make (3) copies of your signed final decree

Make three copies of your final decree after you’ve signed the forms.

Call your court clerk. They will tell you whether you need to schedule a prove-up hearing

If you need a prove-up hearing, you will need to fill out this form. If you can waive the hearing, you’ll need to fill out an Affidavit. Click here for the form if you have kids, and here for the form if you don’t have kids.

Take your final decree documents to your final prove-up hearing

You need to take your final decree documents to your prove-up hearing if one is scheduled.

Attend your prove-up hearing if one is scheduled

If you and your spouse agree on the decree and the judge approves your testimony, the judge could sign the decree at the hearing.

Take the final decree to the court clerk after it's been signed by the judge

If the judge signs your final decree during your prove-up hearing, you should take it to the court clerk while you are at the court house so they can file it. Once this happens, your divorce is finalized!


Step 1: Petition & Response

Step 1: Complete


Step 2: Financial Disclosures

Step 2: Complete


Step 3: Final Decree

Step 3: Complete


Step 4: Divorce Wrap Up

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