Marital Settlement Agreement Checklist

The Ultimate Settlement Agreement Checklist: 30+ Terms You Must Consider for Your Divorce

Maybe you have finished the first couple of divorce steps and you and your spouse are just beginning to discuss how you’ll divide up bank accounts or whether or not you will pay support. Or, maybe you don’t like uncertainty and are negotiating with your spouse NOW (before you file paperwork) so there’s an agreement in place when that initial petition is signed. Regardless of where you are in the divorce process, this download is for YOU. Make sure you discuss all the important stuff so that it’s included in your settlement agreement. There’s nothing worse than having to revisit your divorce years later.

Download the Marital Settlement Agreement Checklist

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  1. A checklist is a good idea. I am a pilot and we use a checklist before every take off and landing. Because it is important to do so. Divorce is very important as well.

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