The Ultimate Settlement Agreement Checklist: 30+ Terms You Must Consider for Your Divorce, Hello Divorce

The Ultimate Settlement Agreement Checklist: 30+ Terms You Must Consider for Your Divorce

Maybe you’ve finished the first couple of divorce steps and are just beginning to discuss with your spouse how you’ll divide bank accounts or whether you’ll pay support. Or, maybe you dislike uncertainty and are negotiating with your spouse NOW (before you file paperwork) so an agreement is in place when the initial petition is signed. Regardless of where you are in the divorce process, this download is for YOU. Make sure you discuss all the important stuff so it’s included in your settlement agreement. There’s nothing worse than having to revisit your divorce years later.

Download the Settlement Agreement Checklist

The Ultimate Settlement Agreement Checklist: 30+ Terms You Must Consider for Your Divorce, Hello Divorce

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  1. A checklist is a good idea. I am a pilot and we use a checklist before every take off and landing. Because it is important to do so. Divorce is very important as well.

  2. My husband and I were married in 1988. We’ve been separated for 24 years. No children. We went to mediation in 1996. The mediator created a document that she said would serve as a date for legal separation (prior to 10 years). I’ve accepted help but nothing since 2003, when I purchased my townhome ( he gave me 25k for upgrades) I’ve signed 4 property release documents for him ( through the years) and I’m sick of it. He just sold a single family home for 950,000. And purchased a townhome for 979,000. With 890. A month association dues and he’s retired in his 71rst year. I made him purchase my financed car for 20k in exchange for the signatures. And he said he’ll pay my 2nd mortgage for 38k. I think he should also pay the first for 130k and my bills for 40k. I’m 64 and working graveyard as an LVn . I don’t know if I stand to get anything out of him in divorce, so I will negotiate on my own. I don’t have money for an attorney, he has all the cash. The mediator said if I take money and then don’t for a long time it will be hard to get anything from him. Well I didn’t plan on my interior design career falling apart in 2007 and having to retrain and take years to do that. I received no help during this time. In fact at that time he told me he could have Donald trumps money snd I wouldn’t get a penny. I think he puts his properties in a trust then the mortgage in the real estate attorneys name do I can’t get a penny if he kicks the bucket. I don’t know what else to say other than I feel ramrodded. Joyce andrews

  3. I’m sorry I forgot to mention. I have paid for my own home down payment, 1&2 mortgage and dual associations. He helped me with my association last month as they were going to put a lein on my property. He paid $1,600.00. I lost a tenant of 10 years who paid me 675. A month to help me through this nightmare. I didn’t ask for a Penney since 2003, until December 2020 he contacts me for my signature so he can sell his 950,000, Ventura county property. Claimed he was downsizing. Then I find out he purchased the townhome on the sand for 979.00. Of corse I don’t get any details until the day before he needs papers signed. Then I’m told he’ll loose all deposits if I don’t sign. Same old story, I don’t want him to have heart attack or stroke, then I get zero.

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