Post-Divorce Checklist

Your divorce judgment is granted but that doesn’t mean we are completely ready to put this stage behind us. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of “to-dos” so that you can put your best foot forward as you start your next chapter.

Post-Divorce Checklist

1. Make sure all the legal stuff is squared away.

  • If you are receiving child support or spousal support from your ex-spouse, you
have one more form to complete to “activate” support and health insurance. Click
 here to get started. Once your form is generated, sign and send to your
ex-spouse. (no formal service required)
  • If your divorce judgment includes a term(s) that divides or equalizes a retirement
 account (e.g. 401k or pension), you likely need a
Qualified-Domestic-Relations-Order (QDRO) (pronounced: Kwah-droh) to be
prepared, filed and sent to the retirement plan.

Need to value or divide a retirement account, click here to schedule a 30 minute consultation

2. Reassess your finances.

  • Now that you’re divorced, it’s a good time to reassess your finances and plan
 your budget for at least the next year.

3. Do Something for You: Design a Self Care Plan that you’ll actually follow.

4. Re-tool your co-parenting relationship.

5. Crush your post-divorce goals with this worksheet!

6. Check out our “Dating after Divorce” worksheet for when you’re ready to take 
that leap.

7. Update your records. (e.g. Restore your maiden name, update your will or estate planning documents, change your insurance policies)

8. Bookmark this.

9. Consider a “Divorce Party” or some other ‘event’ to acknowledge the changes in
 your life and pull in the people who you most love and cherish.

  • Maybe it’s a night out (or an evening in) with friends. Maybe it’s a trip with your
 kids or an out of town get-away. Either way, you’ve been through a lot and deserve 
to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new (better) (and more 
seasoned) version of yourself.

Congrats, you are DONE!

Finally, if you have any questions at all about your divorce judgment,
 don’t hesitate to reach out, okay? Your divorce is final, but we want to be sure you know that even after the final paperwork comes in, we are here to answer any questions – reach out anytime.

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