Step 2: Financial Disclosures

Quick Tip: If a Petition and a Response have been filed, Financial Disclosures are required. If no Response and/or Stipulation has been filed, skip this and head to Step 3.

Next, you and your spouse each must prepare a Financial Statement (it’s mandatory).

Timing for Petitioner: Within 14 days of providing Response to spouse.

Timing for Respondent: Within 42 days after filing the Response.

Step 2


Quick Tip: If your spouse is not a DIY Hello Divorce subscriber they can print and fill out blank PDFs from our site using a free starter membership. They are also welcomed to sign up for DIY if they would like to use our guided interviews for these forms.

Quick Tip: You can start, save and come back to your work at any point.
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File & Serve

DIY Pro members click here to send us a note that you’re ready to file and serve. Then, skip to Step 3 to see what’s next.

DIY’ers: You now have your Step 2 Forms:

  • Notice of Disclosure Requirements in Domestic Cases (1351FA)
  • Financial Declaration (1352FA)
  • Certificate of Service of Financial Declaration (1353FA)
  • Initial Disclosures (1200GE)
  • Certificate of Service of Initial Disclosures (1201GE)

If applicable, attach the following “proof of income”:

  • Federal and State Tax Returns for the two (2) years before the petition was filed and all documents used to prepare the tax returns.
  • Pay Stubs or other proof of income twelve (12) months before the petition was filed.
  • Loan Applications and financial statements used to apply for the loans twelve (12) months before the petition was filed.
  • Real Estate Documents to verify any property interests. This includes a recent appraisal, tax valuation, and refinance documents.
  • Financial Statements for all financial accounts for the three (3) months before the petition was filed. This includes checking, savings, money market funds, certificates of deposit, brokerage, investment, and retirement.


  1. Review forms carefully
    (you can make changes directly to the form)
  2. Sign and date all forms
  3. Make at least two copies
  4. Send a copy of all Step 2 documents to your spouse
  5. File ONLY Notice (1351FA) and Certificate (1201GE)*
  6. Self-addressed-stamped-envelope if filing by US Mail

* Note: If you have a hearing scheduled, file all financial disclosure documents.

Congrats, Step 2 is COMPLETE!

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