Step 3: Final Divorce Forms

This is the part of your divorce where we work on the key issues (think: property, support, debt and shared parenting). 
If you need help, no worries! We’ve got loads of resources to help you.

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If you and your spouse are having trouble finalizing a stipulation (aka agreement) and your spouse has filed a Response (Answer),
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Prepare Step 3 Forms

Click “start” below to prepare your Step 3 forms or keep reading to learn more about this step. You or your spouse will be completing ____ online interviews. We’ve broken this step into stages so you can take it one step at a time. Each interview should take about 30 minutes (max). If you have completed the ____ or Checklist of Terms, now is a good time to have them close by to help you complete this step.

One step at a time

Divorce Forms


Military Services Declaration


If your spouse did NOT file a response:

Declaration of Spouse’s Earnings


If you have children, also prepare:

of Education*


*If your spouse didn’t file a response and/or has not taken a parenting class, click here to complete a Motion to Waive Education.

Tell me more…

The above online interviews are required in order to produce the forms that are required by the Utah court. They include your agreements on all divorce-related issues. As you work through the online interview, you will be asked questions about your various agreements (kids, support, property and debt). If you don’t have children, you will not be asked questions pertaining to a parenting plan.

File & Serve

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DIY’ers: You now have your Step 3 Forms:

  • Declaration of Jurisdiction and Grounds for Divorce (1051FA)
  • Divorce Decree (1003FAJ)
  • Findings and Conclusion (1002FAJ)

If no Response was filed:

  • Motion for Default & Default Certificate (if no Stipulation was filed with initial
paperwork and/or spouse did not file a Response (Answer)
  • Declaration of Other Parents Earnings (1004FA) and/or Income Verification (1052FA)

If you have kids:

  • Notice of Education Requirements(1201FA) and/or:
    1. Request to Submit for Decision (1110GE)
    2. Motion to Waive Education Requirements (1202FA)
    3. Order on Motion to Waive Education Requirements (1203FA)

Have we mentioned it’s a really good idea to have a 
lawyer review your divorce forms before you submit them to the court? The terms in your divorce judgment can have a profound impact on your future and, if you are anything like us — you want to move past this point in your life and start fresh — transition to a new, healthier, mindful space

Let’s do this

  1. Review forms carefully (you can make changes directly to the form)
  2. Sign and date all forms
  3. Make at least two copies
  4. File forms
  5. Add a self-addressed-stamped-envelope if filing by US Mail

Congrats, Step 3 is COMPLETE!

Divorce does not mean failure. In our decades of experience, we’ve been inspired by thousands of people who have ended their marriages and not just lived to tell about it, but thrived. We hope that you celebrate yourself and are optimistic about your journey to the next version of yourself. Remember, you’re not starting over – you’re starting from experience.

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