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We know divorce can be difficult, 
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Utah Divorce Navigator, Hello Divorce


How it works

The Divorce Navigator will break down your divorce into simple, achievable steps. Think of it as your home base. You’ll return here each time you complete a step. And remember, it’s a process so stay the course! One or both of you can use this to complete your divorce requirements.

What are my tools?

Forms: Click “Start” in each step to follow a secure, online interview that will auto fill your divorce forms.

Articles: As you move through the Divorce Navigator you’ll find links to articles and resources that will help you understand the legal issues that may come up for you.

Checklist: Sometimes it’s easier to see all of your divorce requirements in one place. 
If that’s you, download this checklist to mark your progress as you go.

Instructions: Each step includes directions for filing and serving documents. If you are a DIY Pro + member, we handle that for you.

Let’s get started

Every divorce begins with a Petition, a legal document filed in court. You can start your Petition by going to Step 1 below. If you are the responding spouse, you do not need to file a response unless your divorce is currently “contested” (i.e. you do not yet have a full agreement on all divorce issues).

Quick tip: You or your spouse must reside in a single county in Utah for at least 3 months before filing for divorce.

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Utah Divorce Navigator, Hello Divorce
Utah Divorce Navigator, Hello Divorce
Utah Divorce Navigator, Hello Divorce

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