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Only one form needs to be filled out per questionnaire. If you have already started a form, select ‘Resume Form’ to continue.

Step 1: Decide on Your Agreement Terms

To avoid your divorce becoming a contested one, you and your spouse should agree to the general terms of it before starting the actual forms. Use this Agreement Checklist to determine what needs to be addressed. Remember, whether it’s just a few unresolved issues or a complex estate to divide, our hourly mediation can help you and your spouse come to an agreement.

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This is where you can find all your started or in-process forms.

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Step 2: Summons & Initial Filings

As the Plaintiff (spouse filing for divorce), you’ll start by filing a Summons and other initial forms. Once these are filed, you’ll have 120 days to serve your spouse. For this section, you’ll need to know 1) the terms of your Agreement, 2) any spousal or child support, and 3) future healthcare coverage.

New York Divorce Resources

Need help planning your divorce? All of our New York divorce resources are located here.

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Step 3: Final Decree, Additional Orders and Support/Maintenance

In this step, you will give the specific details of your divorce agreement. If there is no spousal or child support being paid, you only have to complete the Final Decree questionnaire.

Final Decree

Additional Orders – Spousal and/or Child Support

Spousal and/or Child Support – Financial Details

DIY Instructions

Instructions on how to file with the court and serve your forms are located here. Note: If you are working with an account coordinator, you do NOT need to use these instructions.

DIY Instructions
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