Download: What to Include in Your Settlement Agreement

All divorces require standard forms and processes, but the settlement agreement embodies the nitty-gritty elements specific to your and your spouse's assets and life. We created a divorce settlement checklist to help you address all items necessary to confirm your agreement, also known as the marital settlement or divorce judgment.

How this divorce agreement checklist can help

Your divorce settlement agreement is a highly important document because it will spell out all the details of your divorce terms. You don't want to miss anything important! So, it makes sense to work with a checklist that helps you keep your document focused on all of the important details of your divorce settlement.

This divorce agreement checklist can be used to guide you through your decisions about the following:

  • What happens to your marital home
  • What happens to your marital vehicles
  • For business owners, what happens to the business
  • What happens to personal property
  • What happens to your shared money (retirement accounts, bank accounts, investments, life insurance, etc.)
  • Who pays your debts
  • Details about child support
  • Details about child custody and timeshare
  • Details about pet custody, or who gets the pets
  • Details about spousal support/alimony
  • Other important issues you don't want to ignore

Our divorce agreement checklist is free for all readers to download and use. Simply fill in your email and state you reside in and you'll receive it instantly.

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