Download: Property Division Spreadsheet

It's totally possible to divide your stuff without a lot of bickering or resentment. Use the resource below to help determine who (fairly) gets what. And if it resonates with you, use this quote to help you stay focused on what really matters:

"If it's not going to matter to you in a few years, don't spend more than a few minutes agonizing over it."Infographic - Property Division Spreadsheet

So, how to get started? First, make a spreadsheet and list all of your property that you and your spouse may have trouble dividing.

Download Example Spreadsheet

Then, follow these tips:

  • Any items on the list that were gifts are separate property and belong to the person to whom they were gifted. Note this on the spreadsheet.
  • Make two copies of your spreadsheet. Each of you should then go through it and mark which items you would like to have.
  • If there are disputes over certain items, go through those items and take turns choosing which item you get to keep.
  • Try to work together to split everything as evenly as possible.
  • Note that if there are disputes about the values of personal property, either spouse can offer opinion testimony on the value.
  • Update the spreadsheet as you progress with the property division.

Happy dividing!