Your Divorce Experience, Simplified

Hello Divorce is the only platform where advanced technology meets expert support to deliver step-by-step legal, financial and practical guidance throughout your divorce and into your next (best) chapter.

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Your step-by-step online divorce.

Prepare your forms in minutes.

Answer simple questions, then our expert-designed software instantly delivers a complete set of state-approved divorce forms personalized for you.

We handle the court for you.

We pair you with a specialist who reviews your forms, works with your spouse, and keeps you on track. They also prepare, serve, and file your forms with the court. 

Lawyers, finance experts, and mediators are always on call.

Avoid legal battles and escalating conflict. Our expert team is available hourly and on demand, so you can keep moving forward with confidence.

We even help with real estate.

Use our platform to calculate custom options for your home, then strategize with our finance team to empower post-divorce success for your family.
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We know this isn’t a decision you make overnight.

Even if you’re not ready to file, we can support your with information and resources. Sign up for your free divorce dashboard. 
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We help with complicated situations.

How do you support couples who want to divorce with children?

Most of Hello Divorce's clients have children and want a comprehensive custody agreement, child support guidance, and parenting plan that meets their individual needs. Use our free resources to get a sense of different parenting arrangements and options for child support, then meet with a mediator if you need help with details or coming to an agreement. Next, input your decisions into our software, and your child-related court forms will be generated in the way the court requires it for your state. Finally, your divorce specialist will help you make any modifications you need before we submit your agreement to the judge for signature. 

How do you support couples who co-own property?

Eighty percent of our clients own homes, and understanding how to handle real estate can be one of the most stressful parts about divorce. The good news? We're divorce real estate experts. Our free real estate HomeSplit solution is designed to help you decide what to do with your most important asset. Start with a free call with our real estate expert to understand your options, then use our free tools or hourly services to decide on the best strategy. 

How do you support high net-worth clients or complex financial situations?

Hello Divorce is a valuable resource for high net-worth clients who are navigating the complexities of divorce and property division but do not want to have a long, drawn-out battle between lawyers. With 50% of our customers falling into this category, we understand the unique challenges and considerations that come with separating assets and finances. Our high net-worth clients typically start with our CDFA services to understand how complex finance or business holdings will be addressed in divorce. Then use that information to come to an agreement with your spouse, on your own or with the help of a lawyer or mediator.

How do you support simple divorces?

Are you keeping your own property in the divorce, or have few to no assets and no children? Hello Divorce is the easiest way to get divorced, on your own with our DIY software, or with the help of our divorce specialists. We give you a streamlined experience, letting you skip over extra hurdles in your amicable divorce. Avoid the complexities and delays that come with lawyers and move forward with your life sooner rather than later. 

How do I know if I need a lawyer?

At Hello Divorce we design your divorce experience around your needs, not around lawyers. You have the flexibility to handle your divorce on your own terms. Whether you choose to involve a lawyer depends on the complexity of your situation and your budget. If you have complex financial assets, own a business, or are facing a contentious custody battle, seeking legal advice could be beneficial. Additionally, if communication with your spouse is challenging or if you’re struggling to reach agreements, a mediator or lawyer can help facilitate discussions and negotiations. Hello Divorce offers legal advice from our team of  lawyers by the hour in all the states we have full service in. We also have a team of experts available to assist you with the right issue at the right time, ensuring you have the support you need throughout your divorce journey.
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Get the help you need, from real people

Get expert support enhanced by technology to take your divorce from uncertainty to confident clarity.
Answer all your questions
Coordinate with & keep your spouse on track
Guaranteed court acceptance
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Why choose Hello Divorce?

Thousands of successful divorces and counting!

We’ve helped divorcing couples through every situation. Our step-by-step process offers guidance for every stage as well as unlimited live support.
“Hello Divorce was an invaluable resource during my divorce process. I had many questions and navigating court paperwork is intimidating, but Hannah guided me through everything with ease.”
How does the online divorce process work?

Your Divorce with Hello Divorce

Step 1
Schedule Your Free Call
If you have any questions about whether we can help you, give us a free call!
Step 2
Choose Your Plan
We have different levels of plans that are designed to give you the support you need to get through your divorce!
Step 3
Start the Legal Process
Prepare your initial forms online in minutes. You can save and resume your forms at any time!
Step 4
File Forms with Confidence
Pro, Plus, and Mediation plans include a specialist who reviews, prints, and proofs your forms. We also communicate directly with your spouse and manage all court related tasks, ensuring a smooth process without rejections or delays. 
Step 5
Get to an Agreement on Kids + Finances
Checklists, tips and step-by-step guidance to help you get to an agreement. Our in-house mediators, lawyers, real estate experts, certified divorce coaches and financial advisors are available by the hour (no retainers!) just in case you need or want some extra help along the way.
Step 6
Finalize Your Divorce
You’ll receive your final paperwork, typically three months faster (and 90% cheaper) than divorcing with lawyers!
Step 7
Step Into Your Next Chapter
We’re hear to support you even beyond divorce. We have checklists, tools, and connections to support groups that empower you in your post-divorce life. 
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Our services and plans can help you at any stage.

We provide support and guidance as you consider divorce.

At Hello Divorce, we believe in access to the information you need to feel supported and empowered when considering divorce. From helpful articles and guides to handy calculators that can help you estimate costs and outcomes, we've got you covered every step of the way. Our expert-led webinars and one-on-one calls offer personalized support and guidance, ensuring that you have the information and tools you need to make informed decisions. Whether you're just starting to explore the idea of divorce or are in the midst of the process, Hello Divorce is here to provide the resources and support you need to navigate this challenging time with confidence and clarity.

We can help you get through your divorce with our step-by-step plans.

We take divorce one step at a time. Did you know that when you start your divorce, you do not have to have an agreement, or even agree on anything at all, to still proceed with an "uncontested" or "amicable" process? Hello Divorce gets you started on your divorce in a neutral way, so that you and your ex have the time and space to come to an eventual agreement on your own terms, without fighting it out from the beginning.

We can connect you with time with financial experts by the hour.

Hello Divorce offers hourly expert services to provide personalized support and guidance throughout your divorce process. Our team of experienced mediators, attorneys, and divorce and real estate finance professionals are available to assist on an as-needed basis, allowing you to access expert advice whenever you need it. Whether you require assistance with negotiating agreements, drafting legal documents, or resolving disputes, our hourly expert services offer the flexibility and expertise to meet your specific needs. With Hello Divorce, you can benefit from the knowledge and support of seasoned professionals, ensuring that you have the resources and guidance necessary to achieve a positive outcome in your divorce proceedings.

Our experts can help you figure out what to do with your marital home.

Our HomeSplit program is specifically designed to help clients navigate the complexities of separating real estate assets in a fair and equitable manner. With Homesplit, clients have access to innovative software that streamlines the property division process, making it easier to assess the value of properties, determine ownership percentages, and negotiate agreements. Our real estate offerings aim to simplify the often daunting task of dividing real estate assets during divorce, providing clients with the tools and support they need to reach a satisfactory resolution. 

We can also help you after your divorce.

 Hello Divorce offers a range of post-divorce services to support individuals as they transition to life after divorce. Our coaching services provide personalized guidance and support as you navigate the emotional and practical challenges of starting anew. Whether you're looking to rebuild your confidence, set new goals, or establish healthy boundaries, our experienced coaches are here to help you thrive post-divorce. Additionally, our child support assessment tool is designed to simplify the process of calculating child support payments, ensuring that financial responsibilities are determined accurately and fairly. 
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