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Easy, less expensive, 100% online divorce.

Get divorced from home for thousands less than hiring a lawyer. 

  • File & serve all docs from home
  • Expert legal support if you need it
  • Guaranteed court acceptance

"Hello Divorce was the best company to work with! From beginning to end this process was effortless and supportive."
Dominique M.
- Customer
#6 Most Innovative Social Good Company
Easily Manage Your Divorce

#6 Most Innovative Social Good Company
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Ready to get the help you need, from real people?

Meet the Hello Divorce Specialists!

Charlene Daniel
"Had an extremely helpful account manager! Made the whole process simple and effective. You’re awesome Charlene!"
Jenn Fei
"Jenn was especially kind and helpful and her friendly manner helped to put me at ease."
Raquel Hill
"Raquel was right there to help us get through all of it with no delays. I can't thank her enough!"
Rasha Kased
"I love working with Rasha! She's been amazing and patient with my questions throughout the process"
Hannah St. Clair
"“Hannah was very patient, helpful, and responsive. Thanks to hello divorce and and special thanks to Hannah!”"

Get expert support enhanced by technology to take your divorce from uncertainty to confident clarity.

Answer all your questions
Coordinate & keep your spouse on track
Guarantee acceptance by the court

How to Get Divorced With Hello Divorce


Step 1
Pick Your Hello Divorce Plan

Our Hello Divorce plans are perfect for every divorce and tailored to fit you and your specific situation.

Step 2
Complete Your Divorce Online

Our industry-leading software makes filling out complicated forms easy. We can even file for you, guaranteeing court acceptance!

Step 3
Live Your Next Chapter

We support you before, during, and after your divorce. Our resources make sure you will thrive!

How does Hello Divorce compare to lawyers in

Pro Plan
Divorce Lawyers
Total Price*
Free 15 minute info call
Divorce online from your home
Free library of online divorce help
Automatic form generation
Hourly mediation, coaching, & more available on demand

Not sure if Hello Divorce is right for you?

Join thousands who've made their divorce easier with our online tools and amazing team. Whether it’s a quick split or a tough case, we're here to help. Learn more below and give us a call.
Didn't hire attorneys
Saved money compared to a traditional divorce
Have minor children
Owned shared property
Owned separate property
We can help you too!

Why choose our divorce plans?


A plan that works for you

Our industry-leading plans are tailored to your situation. You decide the level of help you need, and only pay experts if you have legal concerns or need advice.
Our plans walk you through each step of your divorce so you know exactly what you need and what to expect.
Our software is the easiest to use on the market - no legal jargon, and we only ask you questions that apply to your situation. 
Complete your divorce fully online from the comfort of your own home.

Why choose our services?


Expert help for a flat fee

We have lawyers, mediators, and finance experts on staff and ready to help. We strive to connect you with very best to ensure your divorce moves as quickly and easily as possible.
Experts must pass our rigorous interview process to ensure they’re the right Hello Divorce fit.
Our divorce experts are solutions-minded. They aim to help both spouses come to a fair and equitable agreement.
No retaining or consultation fees! You can connect with an expert online at any time before, during, or after your divorce and you only pay for the time you need.

We love hearing from our customers!


All our online divorce plans can be customized


Our consultants operate on an hourly rate with no retaining fees! Our expert consultants include: 

  • Financial experts
  • Family law attorneys
  • Mediators & more

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If you own property with or without your spouse, we can help you understand your options for keeping your home and equity.
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We want to share our online divorce expertise with you.

Our free Divorce 101 book is the complete resource to make sure you are informed and confident through your divorce. Get it today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I file for divorce?

In the United States you must file for divorce in the county where you currently reside. If the spouses live in different counties than you can choose in which county to file your divorce. We recommend signing up for a free info call if you have questions about which county is easiest to file in.

Can I use Hello Divorce if I have minor children?

Yes! You can complete your divorce with Hello Divorce if you have children. Our easy to use software will walk you through all the steps you need to make sure your divorce completes smoothly, even with the additional paperwork required for minor or special needs children.

How much does a Hello Divorce plan cost?

Our most popular Hello Divorce plan is the Pro Plan at $1,500. This gets you access to our industry-leading form generating software, our divorce navigation account experience, and an Account Coordinator dedicated to verifying the paperwork and filing your forms for guaranteed court acceptance. Court filing fees are not covered, but in many cases they can be waived. Hello Divorce also offers hourly mediation, coaching, financial advisors and more for a flat hourly fee that you can add to your divorce at any time.

How long does an online divorce take?

Depending on where you live divorce can take anywhere from 1 month to 13 months as different states have different waiting periods. If you and your spouse live in different counties, we recommend scheduling a free call with our experts to determine which location has the easiest divorce process.

Can Hello Divorce help me if my spouse lives in another country?

Yes! If one spouse lives in the United States you may file for divorce in the county where they live. Hello Divorce is looking to expand our divorce services to every state, so if we don’t support divorce in your state yet you can still buy hourly mediation, divorce coaching, divorce financial advice, and more for a flat fee.

How do I pick my Hello Divorce plan?

The best way to pick your Hello Divorce plan is to go to our plan comparison page and see what plan offers the level of support you need. If you have more questions or a complicated situation we recommend scheduling a free informational call to talk to one of our experts about what plan is best for you.

How do I know how many hours of divorce mediation I need?

Mediation is frequently used by couples who are willing to work together but are having difficulty finding agreement. Our mediators are solutions-minded third parties who are looking for the best outcome for both spouses. If you and your spouse are having a hard time working through child support or other agreements, we recommend purchasing a single hour with a mediator who can meet with you and recommend additional mediation time if necessary.

Which Hello Divorce plan has online mediation?

Our convenient mediation hourly service allows you to buy mediation by the hour whenever you need it no matter what level of divorce plan you purchase. There’s no retaining fees and no limit to how much mediation you can purchase! If you and your spouse are having trouble coming to an agreement then we recommend purchasing a single hour with a mediator who can meet with you and recommend additional mediation if necessary.

How do I know how many hours of divorce financial help I need?

Our convenient Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) hourly service allows you to buy financial assistance by the hour whenever you need it no matter what level of divorce plan you purchase. There’s no retaining fees and no limit to how much help you can purchase! If you have complicated finances we recommend purchasing a single hour with a CDFA® who can meet with you and recommend additional mediation if necessary.

See more FAQs