Worksheet: Create Your Co Parenting Plan

Your children's well-being is your top concern.

As divorced parents (or soon-to-be divorced parents), successful co-parenting is your goal. There's so much to think about post-divorce, it helps to have a checklist that outlines not only your day-to-day plans but also your overarching plan for child custody and child-rearing.

It may sound overwhelming, but don’t stress. We created this worksheet to help you think through co-parenting details large and small so both of you can serve your child's best interests.

Get valuable decision-making guidance

Inside this checklist, you will find:

Information about different parenting time options for parents with joint custody

Information about visitation options for situations where one parent has sole custody

Helpful ideas for fostering communication between parent and child

Guideline questions to help you make decisions about your child's:

  • healthcare
  • education
  • extra-curricular activities
  • college education
  • vacation and holiday planning

Further, you will find templates to help you and your ex create the best possible schedule for your child's life going forward.

We suggest that you complete this worksheet ahead of parenting plan discussions with your ex-spouse, mediator, or attorney. It’ll give you the space and time you need to think carefully about your co-parenting arrangement and approach co-parenting as thoughtfully as possible.