Are break ups tough? No doubt. Can they be fair and equitable? We think so. That’s why we started Hello Divorce. To take the drama out of divorce.

Divorce sucks. But we make it way easier and cheaper.

Most people get stressed when they think about starting their divorce. At Hello Divorce, our process puts you at ease by making the legal stuff convenient and easy to understand. You can easily navigate our guided divorce on your own or with the help of a legal assistant. You can (also) access a lawyer if you have a legal question – but your lawyer is not the center of your divorce – you are. The result? An affordable, convenient, low-stress divorce.

The “Hello Divorce divorce” was designed by Erin Levine, a Certified Family Law Specialist who has spent the last 16 years learning the legal system and how to help people avoid the stress and costs of it. Get lawyer results, without the lawyer costs.

Ending a marriage is hard. But the divorce process doesn’t have to be. Make your next chapter the best yet.

You are more than your divorce. You got this.

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Our Mission

Your Divorce. On Your Terms.

Meet Our Founder

Hello Divorce was created by smart lawyers with big hearts. We get to help good people at affordable prices because we harnessed technology to cut out the overhead. You pay a flat rate or reasonable monthly fee and we provide self-help software and access to top notch legal assistance. We like people and problem solving and are looking forward to meeting you.

Erin Levine Founder & CEO

Certified Family Law Specialist, CEO of Hello Divorce and Levine Family Law Group. Duke Law & Tech Accelerator Grand Prize Winner. Mother of two.

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