4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Divorce

It’s easy to get swept up in negative feelings during divorce. You’re separating in half a life you may have lived for many, many years. In addition to division of tangible assets, you’re likely also dividing precious memories and perhaps even friendships. But, remember: you got this. You’re on your way toward new memories, new experiences and a new version of you. And there are other benefits to your divorce that you may not have realized: A Chance to Realize…

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Worksheet: Designing a Self-Care Plan (That You’ll Actually Follow)

One of my favorite quotes about self-care comes from my friend and colleague Annie Wright, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who runs Annie Wright Psychotherapy, based in Berkeley. “Self-care doesn’t always look like sleep, yoga or green juice,” she often says. And she is SO right. But sometimes self-care becomes this thing that you have to plan and make time for and commit to. Maybe it starts to feel like a chore because so many people keep telling you…

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Guest Blog: Laura Aiello, The Divorce Strategist, on Self-Care During Divorce

Guest post by Laura Aiello, The Divorce Strategist “Put your own oxygen mask on first” “You can’t pour from an empty pitcher” “There’s nothing selfish about taking care of YOU” By now, you have heard all these self-care mantras and more. And what’s more, you probably agree with them – wholeheartedly! But then…   LIFE. DIVORCE. KIDS. JOB. PAPERWORK! It’s not unusual to feel like it’s all you can do to keep your head above water, let alone pile on…

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Searching for Yourself

Pushing the “Reset” Button After Divorce: Finding Yourself Again

Divorce is difficult – mentally, financially and emotionally. By the time your divorce judgment has been finalized, you will have likely found your way through some very turbulent times. And after you’ve come out on the other side, it’s time to look inward to focus on you and your next chapter. I’ve compiled some expert advice to help you do just that. But before we go there, I want to share a few words I love about what not to…

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It’s No Trick: Co-Parenting Can Be a Treat With These 5 Hacks

Hack #1: In weekly e-mails, use HEART Post divorce, many parents can find it difficult to communicate. Lingering anger and raw emotion can remain a roadblock, even when it comes to discussing the children you both love. While going through her divorce and co-parenting with her ex afterward, Monique Honaman made it her mantra to “always take the high road,” and found a strategy that worked for her: “It’s often easier, and much less emotional to correspond using email. I…

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Holiday Co-Parenting: An Action Plan

Webinar Replay: Holiday Co-Parenting: An Action Plan

Ready or not – the holiday season just around the corner. This time of the year can be especially hard if you or someone you know has recently been separated or divorced. With so many activities, obligations and expectations this time of year, juggling a co-parenting schedule on top of everything else can be especially tough. But, we’re here to help.  The good news is, now is the right time to be planning for the holiday season. In my webinar,…

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Co-Parenting: A Success Story. A Q&A with Parenting Coach Elisabeth Stitt

Hello Divorce CEO Erin Levine recently connected with Elisabeth Stitt, owner of Joyful Parenting Coaching in Mountain View, CA. Elisabeth is an author, parent educator and coach, and retired teacher, mother and stepmother. Through Joyful Parenting Coaching, she helps families think ahead about values and priorities, and helps facilitate communication between parents so each understands the role and responsibilities they want to hold in their child’s life as they design a co-parenting plan that works best for their family, and…

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How to Succeed at Raising Your Kids Together, Apart

In more than 12 years of working in family law, I’ve worked with hundreds (thousands?) of individuals and couples who have decided to end their marriage. A significant portion of those marriages involved children. Some of those marriages ended amicably, many did not. But, no matter how the marriage ended, you’re still going to have something in common for the rest of your lives together: your love for your kids. Here are a few tips to keep up your sleeve…

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Calculating Timeshare with Kids

5 Co-Parenting Plan Resources We Love

Co-parenting isn’t easy. But it can be easier when you remember that it’s not about you or your ex: it’s about the kids. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite resources to help you start out on the right foot. 1. Mighty + Bright: Co-Parenting Calendar for Kids What it is: A calendar with magnets representing Mom, Dad, appointments and activities that kids can rearrange based on visitation schedule. Why we love it: Involving your kids by letting them visualize…

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Dr. Walsh

Guest Blog: Dr. Wendy Walsh on Breaking Up

By Dr. Wendy Walsh www.drwendywalsh.com There are so many ways to break up. Electronically, we unfollow, we de-friend. Breaking up can get complicated, and it can be difficult to remind yourself of just how lovable you are. Break-ups are a time to surround yourself with people who care, people who can remind you how to treat your body and mind. Break-ups are a time for us to be introspective and work on some of our issues, and get ready for…

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