The waiting game: How to deal with big decisions before your divorce is final

Did you know that the divorce “waiting period” – the time you need to wait between filing your initial divorce paperwork and getting your final divorce decree – can be upwards of 6 months or more, depending on what state you live in? So, what happens if during that time you and your spouse live in separate households? How will you continue to pay your bills? How will you and your spouse share parenting time and where will the kids

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Can you really afford to keep the home you shared with your ex?

In divorce, one of the largest assets couples must divide is the marital home. This is the home you lived in together as a couple, and maybe where you raised your children. What you and your ex decide to do with the marital home can be one of the biggest (and most emotional!) decisions of your divorce. In a lot of divorces, there’s one spouse who really wants to keep the marital home. Maybe the children are still young and

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4 tips for same-sex divorces (that also apply to heterosexual marriages)

Since that momentous Supreme Court decision in June 2015, same-sex marriages are now recognized as legal marriages in all 50 states. This decision resulted in hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ+ couples (finally!) being afforded the same rights and responsibilities as their heterosexual counterparts. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the number of same-sex marriages in the United States at nearly 570,000 in 2019. But with an increase in same-sex marriages, there’s also (naturally) an increase in same-sex divorces. At

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religion and divorce

When Religion and Divorce Intersect: One Couple’s Heartbreaking Story

Until recently, divorce has been a subject of non-discussion. Throughout history, divorce was outright banned, only allowed under the rarest of circumstance, or it was allowed but considered highly taboo. While divorce has become a common thread in society, in certain communities divorce is still frowned upon or discouraged. In no place is this more evident than in where divorce and religion intersect. Related: We’ve Researched the History of Divorce and You’ll Never Believe What We Found Many religious leaders

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solutions to common divorce problems

12 Little Known Solutions to the Most Common Divorce “Problems”

After 16 years of helping people with divorce, I have a really good sense of what is wrong with the divorce industry. At the top of the list is a lack of transparency for how it all works which is partially brought on by the culture of lawyers hiding behind a fortress of information. Some attorneys fear that you won’t need them if they give you answers. Even well-intentioned subject matter experts (i.e. divorce lawyers) often fail to provide a

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Colorado online divorce

Webinar Replay: How to Divorce in Colorado with Hello Divorce: Live Q&A

At Hello Divorce, one of the most common questions we’re asked is “How can I get my divorce done without spending thousands of dollars or having it take over my life?” So, we turned the answer into a webinar so everyone could access the answers. This webinar is for you if you live in COLORADO and are considering filing for divorce (or have already started the process). CEO and Founder of Hello Divorce, Erin Levine, joined Sara VanDerslice, head of

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Lessons after divorce

7 Life Changing Lessons We Learn Only After Divorce

No one gets married thinking they will get divorced. At least I hope not. But it happens, and that’s ok. And it’s never fun. In fact, even if you’ve come to grips that divorce is the best option for you and/or your spouse, it’s still heart-breaking. But here’s the thing, most people come out of it so much happier. Sounds hard to believe right? But after 15 years of working with divorcing couples, I know this to be true. Divorce

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communication breakdown keeping your divorce amicable

Communication Breakdown? Our ‘Go-To’ Mediation Expert Shares the Secret to Keeping Your Divorce Amicable (Your Kids Will Thank You!)

In my work as a mediator, I’ve yet to hear a client tell me they want their kids involved in their divorce. However, when divorcing parents avoid talking about what needs talking about, the outstanding issues lead to future conversations that are more challenging than they need to be, more complicated than they need to be, and more likely to affect the kids. “I don’t want to stir the pot. I’d prefer to keep things calm,” a client recently told

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history of divorce an in depth research

We Researched the History of Divorce and You’ll Never Believe What We Found

We can’t (positively) change the future of divorce without understanding its past. So we set out to learn more about the history of divorce. Throughout history, laws surrounding marriage and divorce have morphed dramatically. From the 1500s when divorce wasn’t allowed (although in certain circumstances, like the inability to bear a child, an annulment through  Ex the church could be entertained), to nowadays where “divorce parties” have become almost as prevalent as engagement parties, the way society views divorce has

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DIY your divorce

There’s a Right Way to DIY Your Divorce and Here’s How

Before I founded Hello Divorce, I was terrified of “DIY” law. I didn’t actually believe that it was a good option for most people. I was scared they’d get stuck in the process or unknowingly make impactful mistakes. But the more stats I researched, the more I learned just how many people do it on their own and don’t go to trial. Did you know in over 75% of divorces, at least one spouse is self-represented? It’s true! So I

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