Is Your Toxic Ex Really That Toxic? Maybe it’s Time to Reshape the Narrative 

When you see or talk to your ex (or soon-to-be-ex), do you have a strong emotional reaction? Are you constantly reminded of the ways they hurt you? Do thoughts of your “toxic ex” fill you with rage such that you want to fire off mean or snarky texts, or stare them down at your child’s basketball game?  Or, are you excited and anxious to not have to “put up with” them any more?   Are you sick and tired of being…

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Marriage Story Best Picture Nominee

Marriage Story: Best Picture Nominee, But is it an Accurate Portrayal of Divorce?

Legally speaking: just how “real” is Marriage Story, anyway? This week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences named Netflix film Marriage Story Best Picture nominee. But, as you’ll gather from the press, the clips and everything surrounding the movie: Marriage Story is actually not about marriage—unless you think divorce an inevitable part of marriage (ahem…it’s not).   Marriage Story is not just anyone’s story. It’s the story of the film’s director, Noah Baumbach. And it’s not just any divorce story—it’s…

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New Year, New Podcast: Tune in to the Hello Divorce Podcast today!

The Hello Divorce Podcast: good advice, on demand. When you’re lacing up your shoes for your next run, walk, or a trip to the mailbox, make sure to grab your earbuds – because I’ve started a brand-new podcast!  Why? Well, I’m already in your inbox with tips and advice weekly (sign up here!), I’m in your social media feed on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, and you can take advantage of a free 15-minute call with me or a member…

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Goodbye, 2019: A few Hello Divorce Highlights (…But the Best is Yet to Come)

I know we’re all saying it right now, but man – that went by quick. As I wrapped up my final tasks today, I took a few minutes to reflect on what an incredible, fortunate year we’ve had. 2019 brought us so many opportunities, and so many chances to help new clients navigate their way to their next chapter. I’m so proud of the work my team and I have accomplished this year, and of the number of people we’ve…

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negotiating spousal support

Filing for Alimony in California

What You Need To Know About Filing For Alimony In California Alimony is meant to correct any unfair financial or economic impact of a divorce. The term alimony, or spousal support, refers to a legal obligation of one spouse to support their ex-partner financially after the conclusion of their divorce. Alimony, although viewed as unfair at times, is basically meant to ensure that both partners in a marriage walk away on stable financial grounding. Any spouse can apply for spousal…

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Divorce paperwork

How To File An Uncontested Divorce In California

 California Uncontested Divorce A divorce is usually a tough time for all parties involved. This is a very turbulent time with all sorts of emotions flaring around. And what if you can’t afford a lawyer? Or, what if you don’t want to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars for something you can do yourself? This article is meant for people who want to file for an uncontested divorce or learn how to do it themselves in California. Here are…

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How to File for an Online Divorce in California

 Easy & Affordable Online Divorce in California Are you seeking a low-cost divorce in California? If so, you have come to the right place. Filing divorce online in California can be an easy, affordable, and fun solution for couples like you. Online divorce is cheap and ideal for partners who have an uncontested case. A reliable online divorce platform will give you access to a step-by-step method of preparing your divorce documents. You can complete the divorce documents in…

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Divorcing Your Spouse In California

 Divorcing your spouse requires a comprehensive understanding of relevant regulations in the state of California. Before seeking a divorce, it’s important to do your homework so you understand the divorce process, or seek legal assistance to get help understanding the nuances associated with this process. The state of California has specific requirements when it comes to finalizing a divorce and each step has to be followed accordingly. (Download our handy divorce flow chart.) California Requirements to file for a…

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Cheap Online Divorce In California

Did you know that the average cost of divorce in California is $27,000? That’s why many people search for cheap online divorce in California. A DIY divorce is not only legal, court-approved, and easy – it’s affordable for residents in California. The best thing about online divorce is the entire process takes less than half an hour. Online divorce platforms promise affordable and hassle-free help for anyone looking to dissolve his/her marriage. The entire process is even further simplified in…

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2019 Divorce Holiday Survival Guide

Your 2019 Divorce Holiday Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Rise Above the Holiday Stress Mess 

We are supposed to enjoy the holidays. And usually, we do. Or, at least some of the time. But when you are divorcing in December, sometimes the holidays feel completely overwhelming. For weeks you are distracted with holiday planning, shopping, school events and work deadlines. Then all of a sudden, EVERYTHING hits you like a ton of bricks. We get it – Which is exactly why we turned to our friends who have survived divorce-related-holiday-overwhelm to bring you our 2019…

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