attachment style

Avoidant, Anxious, Disorganized or Secure? How Attachment Style Affects Relationships

Is your ex emotionally closed off, or too darn clingy? Or did they not seem to understand your love language and what you needed from them? Attachment styles might be to blame.  The American Psychological Society defines attachment style as ”the characteristic way people relate to others in the context of intimate relationships, which is heavily influenced by self-worth and interpersonal trust.” According to theories on attachment, adults form their innate attachment style in childhood, depending on how they bond

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Webinar Replay: How Emotional Support Groups Can Help You with Divorce

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! Divorce is so much more than the legal process. Your life is in a constant state of transition and emotions are often all over the place. Let’s face it, the unknown can sometimes feel lonely, heartbreaking, overwhelming, and uncomfortable. But divorce is also an opportunity to reclaim your independence and hope — to really come alive and turn this obstacle into an opportunity for growth that brings us into deeper alignment with

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Webinar Replay: No Such Thing As a “Perfect Divorce Lawyer”

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! You’ve likely received the message: “Divorce is complicated, you need a lawyer”… but ask around and those who have been there say something like, “My lawyer sucked.” Why? Divorce lawyers tend to be… Expensive Slow Stuck in the system Focused on “winning” instead of “resolving” Like any profession, there are good and bad lawyers. There are also well-intentioned lawyers that still won’t meet your needs. Lawyers know you are cost-conscious and so

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Webinar Replay: How to Turn a Complicated Breakup into a Win-Win Divorce with Mediation

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! Do you feel like the only way to get the resolution you want in your divorce is to lawyer up? That’s one of the most common misconceptions about divorce. You can actually get more of what you want, with far less expense and conflict, with mediation. If you have issues to resolve or complicated emotions to work through with your ex, you can get through your divorce without letting it take you

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Webinar Replay: Succeed at Divorce without Lawyers

Never miss another webinar—sign up for our emails! “Can I get divorced without a lawyer?” We hear this question a lot, especially from those who get along pretty well with their ex (all things considered). Lawyers can be so expensive—so do you really need one? The answer to this question, as with most questions in the law is – it depends. If you and your spouse are comfortable completing our questionnaires using our technology to populate your forms, have a

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love yourself more self-love

7 Ways to Love Yourself More

Could you love yourself more? The divorce process took its toll on your love life, as you lost a partner who at one time vowed to love you unconditionally. But then things changed for one or both of you; however, that does not mean you are unloveable. In fact, it means you now need to love yourself even more. We are all guilty of attributing a lot of our self-worth to outside validation like attention, admiration and approval from others.

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identity crises after divorce

Embracing Your New Identity After Divorce

Are you struggling to know who you are now that you are no longer married? Identity crises are common following the breakup of a marriage or any meaningful relationship. One of your key roles, a partner, has changed drastically or ended. Like all losses, you will experience a period of grief — even if the decision was a happy one that you made.  Divorce is so much more than a legal process — it disrupts your sense of self, your daily

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no perfect lawyer

Why the Perfect Divorce Lawyer Doesn’t Exist

Everyone seems to be an expert on how to “win” in divorce. Every article I read or podcast episode I listen to has a similar theme: “ Divorce is complicated, so you need a lawyer.” But ask that divorced friend for a referral and they will likely say, “You don’t want my lawyer. S/he sucked.”  Bottom line: there’s no such thing as the perfect divorce lawyer. I know this because I practiced law for 15 years before founding Hello Divorce.

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small ways move toward new beginning divorce

6 Small Ways to Kick Off Your New Beginning (Even if Your Divorce Feels Stuck)

Has the past year (or 10) been incredibly difficult? If you’re going through a divorce or even just thinking about ending your marriage, you’re understandably overwhelmed. You probably have lots of big changes you want to make or have a super long list of things you need to do. The truth is, it’s unlikely you can make substantial progress in a short period of time. Why pressure yourself to move mountains right away?  Steady progress results from small steps toward

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mend your broken heart

Soft and Fierce: The Surprising Way to Mend a Broken Heart

Heartbroken and desperate to heal and be open to love again? Most of us suffer in silence after love ends, thinking it’s better to cry it out privately and put up walls to protect us from further pain. While it’s natural to want to hide from the world, the truth is that allowing yourself to be vulnerable and riding with the waves of emotion was by far the strongest and quickest path toward healing. When we show our vulnerability, we

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