You Got This: A Spotify Playlist

Sometimes, the right playlist is everything. If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year you are going to pursue divorce and start the next chapter of your life, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist to lift your spirits and keep you feeling positive, motivated and ready to go the distance.

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California DIY Divorce Process

What Are the Tools in Your Emotional First-Aid Kit?

From the emotional impact of world events to the big and small life stressors of the everyday, I (and so many people I know) seem to have had it particularly rough lately. At times, it has felt like these stressors converged all at once, and that none of my own daily self-care routines felt sufficient to support me through the challenges of those days and weeks. So that’s when I turned to my emotional first aid kit. What’s an emotional

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common law marriage

The Risky Business of Living Outside the (Marriage) Box

By Stan Sarkisov and Erin Levine Originally published in the September 2017 issue of San Francisco Attorney, by the Bar Association of San Francisco It’s not just your parents—California wants to see you settled down and married. The state’s laws incentivize marriage and offer hundreds of statutes that confer protection on married persons ranging from spousal support after separation, community property rights (and other laws that presume property acquired during marriage is a joint asset)  to tax perks such as the

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