Party of One: 4 Steps to Plan the Ultimate Pity Party (and Why You Need to Have One ASAP)

We’ve ALL been there… Something happens that just throws off our day/week/month and suddenly everything feels unmanageable and we wonder how we’ve found ourselves feeling like this, yet again. This, my friends, means it might be time to throw yourself a pity party. I know: this might sound weird, but hear me out! For so long, the term “pity party” has been used as a way to mock someone who is being overly dramatic in overreacting to a bad situation.

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How a Life Coach Can Help You Thrive after Divorce

I used to present myself to the world very differently. I built a façade that I wanted the world to see, that I was happy, in a wonderful marriage and very successful. But then I went through a divorce that shook me to my core, and I was forced to admit that my life wasn’t so perfect. I lost my marriage, my home, and because my ex and I had worked together, also my career. I began to question my

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5 Ways to Reclaim Your (Whole) Self After Divorce

“I went to war for what we had; you never even laced up your boots.” – N.R. Shepherd You spent years trying to turn your relationship into the type of partnership that you had hoped for – one where you (always) had each other’s backs, celebrated one another’s “whole” selves, enjoyed moments of playfulness and shared intimacy. You wholeheartedly invested your time, money, energy, and other resources to make it work. You were selfless. You were hopeful. You trusted the

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deal with a breakup divorce

Break Up, Break Through, Break Out: Our Promise to Help Users Claim the Highest Version of Themselves Amidst Struggle

I founded Hello Divorce as a result of my own adversity. When I think about it now, I am convinced that all that we have in life is the capacity to turn obstacles into opportunities—breakups into breakthroughs. My desire to become a lawyer was birthed out of a disempowering and lonely experience I had with the legal system as a late teen. I was both a witness in a criminal action case and a plaintiff in a civil case. As

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Feeling Stuck

Three Nitty Gritty Truths About Making Life’s Big Choices & What to Do If You’re Feeling Stuck

One of the most common things I hear in my therapy practice goes something along the lines of this: “I feel stuck. I just don’t know what to do or how to make choices about [fill in the blank about career, relationships, life choices in general…]. What do I do? How do I get unstuck?” Does this feel familiar? Maybe you’ve been wrestling with a question for a few weeks or a few years now, turning choices over and over and over

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You Got This: A Spotify Playlist

Sometimes, the right playlist is everything. If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year you are going to pursue divorce and start the next chapter of your life, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist to lift your spirits and keep you feeling positive, motivated and ready to go the distance.

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Divorce & Self-Care

I’m a Divorce Lawyer, and This is the #1 Thing I Tell My Clients to Do

(This post originally appeared on As a seasoned divorce lawyer, I see far too many of my clients putting off the one thing they absolutely need to be doing throughout this emotionally complex process: making time for self-care. You are being pulled in so many different directions and are experiencing a sea of transitions – it is so easy to get swept up in the stress of it all that physical and mental health take a back seat. But

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surviving divorce or a breakup during holidays

6 Sanity-Saving Tips for Surviving the Holidays, from People Who’ve Been There

The holidays are hard. And not just Aunt Ethel’s stale fruitcake hard. Navigating this time of year alone for the first time post separation or divorce can stir emotions or wreak havoc on the progress you’ve already made in getting through to the next chapter of your life. So, we tapped the experts – people who have been in your shoes – for their advice on holiday survival: 1. Give Yourself a Special Gift “Invest in yourself. You might not

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thankful for divorce

4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Divorce

It’s easy to get swept up in negative feelings during divorce. You’re separating in half a life you may have lived for many, many years. In addition to division of tangible assets, you’re likely also dividing precious memories and perhaps even friendships. But, remember: you got this. You’re on your way toward new memories, new experiences and a new version of you. And there are other benefits to your divorce that you may not have realized: A Chance to Realize

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Self-Care Worksheet

Worksheet: Designing a Self Care Plan (That You’ll Actually Follow)

I’m often asked about self care when going through divorce. And I often share that one of my favorite quotes about self care comes from my friend and colleague Annie Wright, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who runs Annie Wright Psychotherapy, based in Berkeley. “Self care doesn’t always look like sleep, yoga or green juice,” she says. And she is SO right. Sometimes self care becomes this thing that you have to plan and make time for and commit

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