Divorce Coaching: 5 Hours

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Hello Divorce’s certified professional divorce coaches provide support, advice, and help you create actionable plans before, during, or after divorce.

Why should you use a divorce coach? 

Divorce coaching at Hello Divorce is a unique and empowering part of your divorce toolkit. Hello Divorce’s certified professional divorce coaches provide support, advice, and help you create actionable plans before, during, or after divorce. Whether you are struggling to decide whether or not you want a divorce, need help getting started with the process, looking for support and guidance through the process, or trying to rebuild and move on post-divorce, coaching can be the kickstart you need to get you to the next best version of you. Our divorce coaches can work with you to get a strategy in place to manage your anxiety, keep costs down during your process, understand leverage (and exposure) in divorce, help you process all of the thoughts and emotions that come with divorce, and get you focused on the things that matter, like moving onto your next chapter. 

This divorce coaching package includes 5 hours with your online certified divorce coach. 

How is divorce coaching different from mediation, counseling, or therapy?

Divorce coaches are actively invested in your goals, needs, and strategy to get there. Divorce coaching is different from having a friend or therapist to talk to. Your coach is an objective and supportive sounding board, who partners with you to work through your fear and overwhelm, and help you recognize and achieve specific goals before, during, and after your divorce. In coaching, you'll explore answers to empowering questions like, "How can you live your best life while you're deciding to divorce, going through a divorce, or figuring out life post-divorce?" Coaching is a powerful alliance that helps you tap into who you really are, what you really want, and how to go about achieving it in the way that works best for you.

What can a divorce coach help you do? 

  • Provide a general support system to help with logistics & emotional aspects of divorce 
  • Make the decision to divorce or get clarity around whether to divorce
  • Deal with and shift negative emotions and mindset
  • Help establish a communications plan for your spouse, friends, and family 
  • Parenting decisions around divorce
  • Self-development or post-divorce coaching

What you can expect in a 5-hour package:

  • Your first session will be a deep dive on values to get a foundational understanding of what motivates you, as this plays a critical role in your divorce process
  • Following sessions will focus on your main goals, such as making the decision about whether or not you want to divorce, getting a parenting plan in place, working through the emotions surrounding a split from a long-term partner, etc. 
  • This package offers an optional energy assessment and debrief ($60). This assessment helps build self-awareness about how you're showing up energetically in daily life, and gives you an opportunity to decide if and how you want to change and show up differently in this next chapter.
  • Email support from your coach will be available between sessions

About our divorce coach, Kara Francis:

Kara Francis is a former divorce lawyer who worked at one of the most prestigious family law firms in Chicago. Kara handled various types of cases, including complex estates, highly litigated parenting issues, complicated business entities, sophisticated estate planning, and non-traditional income streams. Kara had several contested trials and was responsible for examining witnesses, handling evidence, and writing briefs. Kara also has extensive experience with mediation and collaborative law.

Kara is also a divorce survivor – she made the difficult decision to end her 10-year relationship in the midst of the pandemic. While it was challenging, Kara gained clarity and confidence in who she is and what she wants for her life and in a partner. In her divorce, Kara saw the power of coaching and decided to transition to divorce coaching.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Kara helps clients build confidence, self-trust, and emotional resilience through 1:1 coaching for all stages of the divorce process. With her professional and personal experience, Kara offers clients an insightful and supportive space in the divorce world.

Please note: Divorce coaches cannot provide you legal advice.

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