Attorney Preparation of Your Judgment & Agreement

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The final document that needs to be completed is the Divorce Judgment and/or Marital Settlement Agreement.

Have an attorney prepare your entire Agreement & Judgment for you as the final step in your divorce. Once we’ve prepared all of the documents required to complete your Divorce Judgment and Marital Settlement Agreement, we will coordinate obtaining your signatures and submitting the complete package to the court. Finally, you can put this chapter behind you!

You'll work with one of our Hello Divorce attorneys throughout this process to help you:

  • Review documents and suggest revisions
  • Explain the laws regarding child custody, support or property division
  • Advise on the strength of your claims
  • Draft, file and serve forms or agreements 
  • Perform legal research, analysis or support calculations
  • Advise you of your rights and responsibilities

*Please note, that the terms of your agreement must be decided before purchasing this service.

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