Attorney Appointment: 30 minutes (CA, CO, FL, UT)



Whether you’ve got questions about what your rights are, how support should be calculated, or need a document reviewed or drafted, our attorneys are here for you. An appointment with an attorney offers you the ability to get legal support for only what you need, whether it be one session or several.

Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to schedule your appointment.

*Please note, the appointment includes any time the attorney spends on your case, including independent review or research and communications. If you want the attorney to review your documents prior to meeting, please let them know.

We love helping and we’re good at it.

Ready to meet your ‘on call’ lawyer? An expert family law attorney will provide you legal advice and real, practical assistance with your divorce. They can also review or draft documents for you. You manage your case and handle the uncomplicated stuff. Your lawyer will jump in when you need them, operating behind the scenes. No complicated process, no retainers*, no minimum hours. Just smart, kind lawyers keeping you on the right track.

They answer these type of questions:

  • How should we split the family home?
  • Should I file a Response?
  • How much support is fair?
  • What leverage do I have?
  • How do I get a court date?

*Most lawyers require you to pay a ‘retainer’ to obtain legal assistance. The more work your lawyer does, the less money remains in your retainer (usually billed in tenths of an hour). If your retainer is exhausted, an additional retainer is demanded or bills become due as incurred.

At Hello Divorce, you pay as you go – that way you always know where you stand – with no hidden or unpredictable fees.


Ways Your Lawyer Helps

Move your case forward if it gets ‘stuck’

Fix your documents if they’ve been ‘rejected’ by the court

Review documents and suggest revisions

Explain the child custody mediation process

Provide tips for negotiation and/or litigation

Guide you on how to file and serve documents

Set the strategy for your case and help you avoid costly mistakes

Perform legal research and analysis

Advise you of your rights and responsibilities

Advise you on how to limit financial disclosure

Provide advice while you mediate

Confirm whether your have a strong claim or defense

Explain court procedure

Teach you the law that applies to your case

Run child support or spousal support calculations


Do you need an attorney appointment?

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About LFLG Attorneys

They listen to what you need – your priorities, intentions, goals and concerns. Using their expertise, passion, outside-the-box problem-solving thinking, Levine Family Law Group attorneys craft a legal strategy that will get you where you need to go.

Improve the likelihood of success while you represent yourself and negotiate your best result. Time with an attorney can help you avoid costly mistakes by assisting you with all aspects of your divorce, including, but not limited to: providing tips for litigating your case; review your documents and suggest changes; reviewing a Marital Settlement Agreement or Judgment; answering questions along the way; explaining local rules or formal court procedure; and confirming whether you have a strong claim or defense.

Hourly attorney services are for people who plan to do much of the heavy lifting in regards to their case, but may need a little help along the way.

Our lawyers will advise and direct you to the extent that you need and will act as a guide or an adviser and will help you to understand and grasp the fundamentals of the legal process. Unlike full representation — where the lawyer handles all aspects of your case and acts on your behalf — our lawyers would be there to ensure that you are doing everything correctly.

This is for people who plan to do much of the heavy lifting in regards to their case, but may need a little help along the way. For example, if you’ve got most of your divorce agreement settled, but you’re unsure how much support should be paid, our attorney could explain the law and how it applies to your situation. Our attorney services can also be beneficial in conjunction with mediation. In those instances, where you are receiving court appointed mediation or mediation with Hello Divorce, our lawyers may be helpful to increase confidence in the mediation process and to ensure that you are receiving fair and equitable treatment.