Nesting: It’s Not Just for Birds

What is nesting? “Nesting” is a non-traditional custody arrangement where the children stay in the family home and the parents trade off living in the house with the children, much like birds taking turns in the nest. Also called “bird’s nest custody,” a nesting arrangement flips the typical custody arrangement backwards: instead of the children traveling between two houses the parents live in, the children stay put and the parents switch off between the family house and another location.

Nesting arrangements can be used as a transition step to maintain the children’s familiar surroundings and routines through a stressful time or can be used as a more permanent custody arrangement. However, nesting is rarely ordered by a court, as it requires the parents involved to be in full agreement, active communication, and on good terms.

Does nesting sound like the right solution for you and your family? Read on to make sure.

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