A Quickie Divorce?

We have all heard the horror stories: “My divorce lasted longer than my marriage.” Or, “It dragged on for years.” Thankfully, if you have minimal assets and are searching for ways to streamline your divorce process, you have a few options. One way to expedite the process is to proceed by summary dissolution.

Summary dissolution has the same effect as a divorce, but it offers several benefits that a “regular” divorce does not. Notably, it’s a quick(er) and easier process. You may not even need to appear before a judge.

If you meet the following nine criteria, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse should consider filing for summary dissolution.

Criteria for a quickie divorce

  1. Your marriage has lasted less than five years (from the date you got married to the date you separated).
  2. You have no children together (born or adopted before or during the marriage), nor are you expecting a child now.
  3. You do not own any part of land or buildings.
  4. Except for where you now live (with limited exceptions), you do not rent any land or buildings.
  5. You do not owe more than $6,000 for debts acquired since the date you got married (“community obligations”).*
  6. Any property acquired since your marriage date (community property*) is worth less than $47,000.
  7. You do not have separate property worth more than $47,000 (use this worksheet if you are not sure of the amount).
  8. The spouses agree that neither will ever get spousal support.
  9. You have signed an agreement dividing your property and debts.

*There are some exceptions to the calculation.

See if you qualify

If you need help determining whether you qualify for quickie divorce, or if you need assistance reaching and preparing an agreement that divides your property, consider booking an informational call with us.

If you have already prepared your summary dissolution, consider contacting a booking to a final review of the documents prior to submitting them for filing. This can help prevent your documents from being rejected and ensure a faster resolution. Good luck!

LGBTQ note

In some states, a summary dissolution process can dissolve your domestic partnership. If you are both married and domestic partnered, it can dissolve both.

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