Summary Dissolution :

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Summary Dissolution: the easiest way to divorce in California – if you qualify

We will help prepare, process, and file all of your documents for uncontested Summary Dissolution, which is a simpler divorce process for those who have been married less than 5 years, have no children together, and meet certain financial criteria.

Do you qualify for a Summary Dissolution?

To qualify for Summary Dissolution, you must satisfy all of the following:

  • Have been married for less than 5 years (from the date you got married to the date you separated)
  • Have no children together born or adopted before or during the marriage (and you are not expecting a new child now)
  • Do not own any part of land or buildings
  • Do not rent any land or buildings (except for where you now live with limited exceptions)
  • Do not owe more than $7,000 for debts acquired since the date you got married (referred to as “community obligations”)*
  • Have less than $53,000 worth of property acquired since the date you got married (called “community property”)*
  • Do not have separate property worth more than $53,000
  • Agree that neither spouse will ever get spousal support
  • Have signed an agreement that divides your property and debts

*There may be some exceptions


How is a summary dissolution different from divorce?

During a Standard Dissolution (or divorce), a judge looks over a couple's paperwork and makes rulings regarding the outcome. At the end of that period, either part of the couple could appeal the ruling and challenge the outcome. A Summary Dissolution is different.

During a Summary Dissolution, both parties fill out paperwork jointly. Spouses settle on the terms of the divorce, and they sign paperwork to that effect. 

At the end of the Summary Dissolution process, there is no trial or hearing. Instead, couples file paperwork, and the process is complete. Summary Dissolution requires that a couple has minimal sources of conflict in general, such as lots of valuable assets to divide or complicated scenarios involving children that do require more negotiating.

A Summary Dissolution with Hello Divorce costs only $1,500 (for both of you).



Benefits and limitations of a Summary Dissolution


  • Usually cheaper, faster and easier than a traditional divorce.
  • Less paperwork – When you file for traditional divorce in California, you must submit a series of documents. But when you file for Summary Dissolution in California, the paperwork burden is considerably less. 


  • Couples can't appeal a Summary Dissolution in most cases. It's critical to work closely with your spouse and fight for the terms you want and achieve a fair settlement agreement.
  • While many couples may want to use a Summary Dissolution to end their marriage, it's not available to all couples. See the requirements here.



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Court filing fees vary by county and state and are not included in the divorce plan price.

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What happens when you purchase a Hello Divorce plan?

1. Access to the Divorce Navigator

As soon as you purchase your plan, you will receive an email with instructions. Since you need to start your Summary Dissolution paperwork with your spouse, you will wait to be introduced to your Account Coordinator before starting the forms. We will introduce your Account Coordinator within one business day.

2. E-meet your Account Coordinator

Upon receiving your forms, your account coordinator will get to work and reach out to start your filing.

3. Just Follow the Steps

Your account coordinator will let you know every step to take next and notify you of any court updates until your divorce is finalized.

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What are the Benefits of Summary Dissolution with Hello Divorce?


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