Our Favorite Resources for Life After Separation

On average, 4,800 Americans get divorced per day. You are certainly not alone. Yet at times, it feels like you are the only person getting a divorce.

Parting ways after years of living together is not easy, but not all marriages are meant to last. We did a lot of research (professionally and personally) to compile this list of our absolute favorite resources. Hope you like them, too!

Artkive App

Artkive App enables divorced parents to store and share their children’s artwork. Both parents can  access their kids’ drawings, photographs, and similar memorabilia. Artkive collects and stores the art, which can be accessed from a computer anywhere. Parents can also request hard copies.

Mind Body Green (on meditation)

Mind Body Green (MBG) is a wonderful resource for those who are new to meditation. Most of us are  aware that meditation offers benefits, but initiating a meditation practice can be overwhelming with no clear guideline on how to start. MBG’s step-by-step guide helps you make the best of your meditation practice.

Better After 50 (on divorce)

Better After 50 (BA50) offers a collection of divorce-related information and wisdom to help readers through different divorce stages. Whether you’re thinking about getting a divorce or have already gone through it, BA50’s advice on how to overcome the difficulties of divorce and live a happy life is solid.

Psychology Today (on co-parenting)

Psychology Today explores the positive aspects of co-parenting by telling parents what to do instead of what not to do. This comprehensive resource walks you through steps you can take to help your kid(s) cope with divorce and flourish in the aftermath. It encourages parents to be open and reasonable about their divorce with their children and each other.

Huffington Post (on silver linings)

Huffington Post explores the benefits of divorce that no one talks about. Divorce is a challenging experience, but you don’t have to be a miserable person when it’s over. Instead, you can focus on the bright side of life.

Your Tango (on life after divorce)

Your Tango sheds light on the importance of putting divorce behind you and preparing for the life ahead. Accept that everything happens for a reason and that divorce is not the end of the world. No good ever came of giving up. This article helps you clear your mind and prepare for positive action.

Good Men Project (on post-divorce relationships)

Good Men Project offers sound advice on what qualifies as a healthy post-divorce relationship. Relationships after divorce need not to be dramatic and tense. Educating yourself to become more reasonable and realistic benefits everyone.

YouTube video (on taking action)

This YouTube video emphasizes the need to take action. If you want to succeed in life, you must stand up, let go, and move on. The world is full of people who are afraid to take risks and act boldly. Most of these people have a long list of excuses as to why they have failed. On the other hand, when you meet a successful person, you may find a hundred reasons why they could have fallen short of their goals — but somehow, they succeeded anyway.

Psychology Today (on thriving after divorce)

Psychology Today explores how you can do right by yourself after divorce. One of the first things you need to do after divorce is think about yourself. You decided to get a divorce to make things better, not worse. This guide explores the steps you can take to thrive.

GoodTherapy (on releasing regret after divorce)

GoodTherapy sheds light on the need to stay focused on your future. Divorces do not happen overnight. Often, a series of conversations and events culminate in divorce. It’s not easy, but once you divorce, despite all the implications, rest assured that it was for the best.

Responsible Divorce (on bonding after divorce)

Responsible Divorce offers insight into how responsible parents spend life after divorce. While it may be difficult to forget the past, parents can do right by themselves and their children by fostering feelings of bonding and cooperation after divorce.

“You got this” song list

We curated a great list of tunes on Spotify to help you remember you got this. There are songs to match any mood. You can listen to happy songs like “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves, or you can listen to revenge songs like “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato. There are inspirational songs as well, like “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan.

Divorce Mag (on introducing a new partner to the kids)

Divorce Mag explains the rules for introducing a new partner to your kids. While it is healthy to start a new life with a new partner, you should think about how and when to introduce that partner to your kids. The guide explores the importance of timing, circumstances, the age of the children, and the nature of your relationship with your new partner.

Scary Mommy (on single parenting)

Scary Mommy outlines the steps you can take to succeed as a single parent. If you’re going it alone, you’ll be wearing many different hats. Scary Mommy addresses this transition in a direct and humorous way.

Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade is a great forum for single parents to seek advice, offer guidance, exchange views, and share experiences with other single parents. It provides resources on dating, divorce, and children’s education.

Huffington Post (on sex after divorce)

Huffington Post addresses the sexual freedom you attain after divorce. You are no longer taken for granted. You get to fulfill your fantasies and feel like a teenager again. No commitment, no strings attached. It makes you forget about your divorce and feel good about yourself.

The Cut (on redecorating)

The Cut explores the possibilities for redecorating your home after your ex moves out. If your ex took a big portion of the stuff, you may have to buy new. Or, you may want to get rid of the stuff you bought together or received as gifts. Once you are done, throw a housewarming party to celebrate what you have done.

Apartment Therapy (on redecorating)

Apartment Therapy discusses the need to purge your ex’s stuff when it results in an emotional trigger. That said, you should be rational about how you deal with it, lest you get rid of stuff you will soon need.

Huffington Post (on parenting with a narcissist)

Huffington Post walks you through the steps you can take to cope as a co-parent with a high-conflict ex. It’s not unusual for divorced parents to lose their calm in front of the kids or in public. The guide explains how to set boundaries and make sure they are respected.

Psychology Today (on co-parenting)

Psychology Today offers advice on what you should and should not do to make co-parenting a success. It’s best to cast emotions and grievances aside and focus on how to make things better for the family. The guide explains how you can set rules and plans to keep things simple.

Families Go Travel (on travel for single parents and kids)

Families Go Travel explores how single parents can have a good time with their kids by taking advantage of special offers at resorts in Idaho, St. Maarten, Mexico, and Florida. The guide sorts resorts by best value, best deal, best variety, and most luxurious.

Frommers (on travel for single parents and kids)

Frommers outlines the prerequisites of planning a successful family vacation as a single parent, offering advice on the selection of the destination, activities to partake in, and travel resources for single parents.

Getting a divorce is one of the most difficult decisions you will make in life. Like all difficult decisions, it will test you in multiple ways and require you to be strong and steadfast.

While guidance and counseling can certainly help, no one understands you better than yourself. Times like these require you to put the past behind you and be audacious enough to take action and move on, utilizing all resources at your disposal to make life better not only for yourself but for those who count on you.

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