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Not sure if a divorce support group is what you need?

Affordable and accessible, Circles is one of the most helpful and highly-rated online divorce support groups. It offers a wide variety of support groups so you can find one that addresses your specific issues.

You can choose from support groups that zero in on specific concerns like grief, parenting challenges, anxiety, self-esteem, and how to cope with a newly single identity.

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Never feel alone during life’s greatest challenges.

Anytime, anonymous, and free.

A safe space to talk, anytime you need support.

No judgement, no shame.

Just understanding. Talk about the ups and downs – with people who get it.

Professional support.

Led by a diverse family of community members and licensed experts.

Start your own group.

Host a space of your own to chat in a smaller group.

All the support you need, day or night

  • Share thoughts, ask questions
  • Live Q&As
  • Talk with people who get it
  • Automated check-ins and rewards

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