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$4,500 for 5 hours

Hello Divorce – Cooperative Divorce, Hello Divorce

Everything you need (and more) to create a divorce agreement that works for both of you for $1,000s less. This all-in-one solution helps you navigate quickly to a successful end, all while protecting your interests. Win without the battle, and stay out of court.

Hello Divorce – Cooperative Divorce, Hello Divorce

*Is (5) hours of mediation the right choice for me? Five hours of mediation is ideal for resolving two or three legal issues, such as child support, custody, spousal support, or asset and debt division. We are focused on moving you forward in an efficient way, and extra hours are usually only needed when couples have significant disputes regarding custody and schedule or complex estates. Should you need more than five hours with your mediator, the rate is $300/hr.

Working together, you and your spouse can get what you need. Our certified mediators know how the law applies to your specific situation, but more importantly, they know how to analyze the needs of both spouses and how to help you reach a fair agreement that feels right to both of you—with minimal legal costs. (Hello Divorce has created the only CA complete divorce software, streamlining our process.)

Learn more here about how mediation works at Hello Divorce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What help do you need?

How do I sign up?

Choose the membership option you would like above. If you choose Starter Membership, you will be asked to enter your email address. We also ask you a couple of optional questions about where you are in the divorce process to help us customize your experience. If you choose DIY, DIY Pro, Divorce Plus or Divorce with Benefits, you will be asked for your email address, personal information and payment information.

What is a legal document assistant and why use one? (CA)

For Californians, a legal document assistant is your tour guide through divorce – they provide helpful information and prepare and process all documents required for a divorce. Our LDA’s are accessible through the DIY Pro, Divorce Plus and Divorce with Benefits membership levels. Please note, LDA’s are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice. If you need or want legal advice, you can access experienced lawyers at this link.

What is the average or fastest Hello Divorce divorce processing time?

Memberships are at least 6 months long. While our members are usually able to complete their forms much sooner than 6 months, the official court processing time really depends on our clients’ pace and court processing times. The divorce processing duration does not affect the amount of installment payments; we simply offer the installment option so clients do not have to pay the full fee in one payment.

Additionally, our team works to respond and expedite client needs, that said, the average response window is 1-3 days, and then more to complete the actual work required.

How do the DIY Pro and Divorce Plus memberships differ?

Both memberships include filing, serving and processing all your divorce documents with the court. However, with Divorce Plus, all you have to do is answer simple questions about you and your spouse, and then one of our Divorce Experts reviews and revises your divorce forms to ensure accuracy – they will lead you through the entire divorce process.

With DIY Pro, you lead the divorce and prepare your own forms through our easy-to-use software that instantly populates your divorce forms.  

Does Divorce Plus include both spouses?

Yes. As long as you are working towards an agreement on divorce issues, Divorce Plus and Divorce with Benefits include the divorce forms and filing for both of you. One spouse does the ‘heavy lifting’ (e.g. completes the intake forms) but both of you can be included in the process – start to finish. If you prefer an individual journey, we’re set up for that too.

How exactly do Divorce Plus and Divorce with Benefits work?

If you’re in CA, watch this 5 minute video to get the low down (CO video coming soon).

In short, you complete a guided, online questionnaire and then your Divorce Expert takes the lead and will review and revise all the paperwork required to get you divorced. Throughout the process, they will provide you personalized resources depending on your needs, coordinate service (delivery) of the documents to your spouse and ensure that everything is properly processed with the court. Divorce is a process, not an event, meaning, it doesn’t happen overnight, but rest assured, we will make it as hassle-free as possible.

The divorce process feels so overwhelming. Will I be able to navigate the process on my own?

Yes, you can. First, you aren’t alone — we’re here when you need us. Second, we break down each stage into manageable, guided steps and provide strategy and support from start to finish. With our Divorce Navigator, you will be able to track where you are in the process and know what’s next. That said, it does require you take initiative and stay the course. If your case becomes particularly complicated or overwhelming, as a Hello Divorce member, you can purchase LFLG attorney services at discounted rates.

How is Hello Divorce different from other websites that prepare divorce forms?

After helping 100s of clients through the difficulties of divorce, our founder created Hello Divorce as a way to offer real, heartfelt, strategic support in a more accessible and affordable way. Unlike most websites that offer forms or legal advice, we provide you all these options and more – from our best-in-tech DIY Divorce to access to experienced, flat fee lawyers who work within the HD platform. Additionally, other sites require spouses work through the process together – we realize that’s not always possible and that there is usually a “do-er” spouse that moves the process along. So our site only requires one spouse to do the work.

We’re about keeping you empowered while offering all the support we can.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by emailing

The amount you are refunded will be the remainder of your payment after services performed by Hello Divorce are covered.

Can I schedule a call with a lawyer to discuss my divorce?

Absolutely. Book a session with a lawyer at this link.

Are there any additional fees or costs?

Fees to third parties are excluded from our membership price (although, we are happy to facilitate payment). California’s filing fee for a divorce petition and response is ~$435; Colorado’s is ~$230, unless you qualify for a fee waiver for either state.

If you use a process server to deliver your filed documents to your spouse, you should expect an additional fee of approximately $75 – $100. Service to another state or country sometimes involves additional fees as well.

International divorces can potentially have additional fees depending upon the US and the overseas spouse’s country’s regulations.

Can same sex couples use Hello Divorce for dissolution / divorce?

Yes, of course. We work to help everyone through this process.

Why fixed fees for legal services?

Too often, lawyers are considered the only option for legal resolution, and most lawyers charge retainers (a deposit on services) and then bill all work on the case in tenths of an hour. If your retainer is exhausted, an additional retainer is demanded or bills become due as incurred. With a flat fee, you know exactly what the cost will be – no hidden or unpredictable fees.

Looking for help or advice now? Purchase legal services at this link – you could be talking to a lawyer today.

How do I know what level of membership I need?

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, this article explains which membership would be ideal depending on the type of divorce, or you can sign up as a free Starter Member. You’ll get a free 15 minute strategy session with one of our experienced Hello Divorce professionals who will talk to you about where you are in the process, how complicated (or not) your divorce is and what your personal and financial goals are. From there, they will help you decide on the course of action that works for you.

What is the Divorce Navigator?

People don’t usually think of DIY as a divorce option, but it is now through our Divorce Navigator app.

There are three main steps to divorce. Each step consists of 1) preparing the relevant forms; 2) filing them with the court; and 3) serving (i.e. delivering) them on your spouse. To prepare the forms, you’ll respond our simple, online questionnaire. Once completed, your forms will be instantly populated. If you are a DIY member, the “Div Nav” guides you through filing and serving each form with clear instructions. If you want us to file and serve the forms for you, upgrade to DIY Pro

Additionally, if you would like attorney help for the more complicated issues or to plan your divorce strategy, we offer access to attorneys at on-demand, transparent, flat-fees.

Watch this video to learn about the CA process (CO video coming soon!).

When do I pay?

Our Starter membership is free. You do not pay unless you sign up for one of our premium memberships or purchase an a la carte legal service. Payment is due upon purchase. If you opt for the installment option, the first payment is on made upon purchasing and the subsequent payments are automatically charged every 30 days until the total cost is paid in full.

Can I just stick with a la carte services?

Sure! Just purchase a flat fee service and you’ll be on your way.

What is a legal coach and should I get one?

A legal coach is a consulting lawyer, not full on representation, but a lawyer you can hire in increments as short as 30 minutes.

If you need legal advice like knowing what your rights are, how to protect your interests, or help forming your agreement a quick legal coaching session can be a lifesaver.

Learn more here.

Can legal coaching and/or mediation be done by telephone?

Yes. All consulting, coaching and mediation services can be done by telephone or online video conferencing at times that are convenient for you. You book online and can choose from day or evening options.

My divorce is contested, can I still use Hello Divorce?

Yes – contested or not, there are 20+ mandatory forms you must complete for the divorce process. Our Divorce Navigator guides you through these documents with easy to understand, step by step instructions.

We also offer many resources and tools to help you strategize your best position, see where you have leverage, review tips for negotiations and court hearings and prepare your documents. If you don’t want to go the full DIY route, we offer document preparation and review or you can purchase legal coaching with an attorney.

Of course, if your divorce gets super complicated and/or you have domestic violence in your relationship, most people use Hello Divorce as a secondary resource.

Do Hello Divorce options require both spouses working together?

No. While both partners can sign up, the process is designed for individual journeys. That being said, we encourage both of you to work cooperatively and be transparent throughout the divorce process. If you and your spouse prefer to work together and/or need help coming to an agreement, we also offer mediation.

My spouse and I haven’t agreed on divorce terms yet. Can I still use Hello Divorce?

Absolutely. Not everyone follows the “perfect” path to divorce. In fact, most (ex) couples begin the divorce process even before they’ve discussed settlement terms. Even so, they still successfully decouple using Hello Divorce. Divorce is a mountain of paperwork —  whether or not you have an agreement. Use Hello Divorce to prepare and process those forms at a fraction of the cost and without inciting conflict. If you and/or your spouse end up needing a mediator to help you come to an agreement or a lawyer to help you prepare or understand a settlement offer, we’ve got your back. Ultimately, our goal is to do everything we can to facilitate a meaning of the minds.

My spouse and I are interested in online mediation, how do we sign up?

Learn more about our full-service mediation package by clicking HERE.

This service includes a legal assistant who will handle all of your divorce forms and file and serve, plus (5) hours of mediation services – this is ideal for resolving 2-3 of legal issues like child support, custody, spousal support, or asset and debt division.

We are focused on moving you forward in an efficient way, and extra hours are usually only needed when couples have significant disputes regarding custody and schedule or have complex estates. Should you need more than 5 hours with your mediator, the rate is $300/hr.

I have another question that isn't answered here. How can I reach you?

Feel free to use our web chatbot and/or email us at Please note that we do not provide legal advice or strategy but are happy to discuss our process and services.

What makes Divorce Navigator so special?

The “Hello Divorce divorce” was designed by Erin Levine, a Certified Family Law Specialist who has spent the last 18 years learning the legal system and how to help people avoid the stress and costs of it. Her one goal: get lawyer results, without the lawyer costs. The Divorce Navigator is the only DIY web application that allows you to navigate the entire divorce process – start to finish.

What if my spouse resides outside of the US?

We can process your divorce through the Divorce Plus, Divorce with Benefits, or Cooperative Divorce memberships.
– The overseas spouse must be willing to cooperate, they must have a valid U.S. mailing address, and they must provide notarized, original signatures for the final judgment; the notarization must take place at a US embassy or consulate.
– Additional service fees may apply.
– If the international spouse’s country prevents us from providing complete service, you will only be charged for the work performed then refunded.
– International divorce usually requires more processing time, potentially up to 18 months, due to mail and court processing delays.

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