Divorce Financial Planning: 60 Minutes

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Whether you are just beginning to explore separation from your spouse or you’re already in the process, a CDFA can help you and your spouse understand how finances should be handled.

Hello Divorce’s financial planning is led by a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). Whether you are just beginning to explore separation from your spouse or you’re already in the process, a CDFA can help you and your spouse understand how finances should be handled.

What can a CDFA do to help you?

  • Review and analyze assets, debts, income and expenses
  • Help prepare or review court required financial disclosures
  • Provide financial consulting regarding proposed settlement options
  • Identifying and estimating value of marital and separate property including retirement accounts and stock options
  • Propose various options for child and spousal support
  • Make recommendations for division of property and debts
  • Understand short and long term financial implications of different settlement scenarios
  • Explore creative "win-win" settlement options
  • Resolve financial disputes between spouses
  • Review child related expenses and develop a plan
  • Determine a post-divorce/separation budget. 

*Please note, the time purchased is to cover any time the CDFA uses for:

  • Communications: meetings, emails, phone calls or video conferencing
  • Independent case review or drafting
  • Independent research or calculations
  • If you would like the attorney to review your documents prior to a meeting, please notify them.

Finally, an affordable divorce.

We have plans for any budget and situation. Only pay for as much help as you need. And all of our plans have the option of splitting your payments over time via PayLater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the plan that is right for you (and your spouse). After purchase, you will receive an email with your next steps on how to proceed. If you are opting for the Pro service or above, your dedicated Account Coordinator will guide you through each step.

If you’re unsure on how to proceed, you’re welcome to schedule a free 15 minute call to learn about the divorce process and our services.

At Hello Divorce, we can get you through the uncontested divorce process. Each state has a slightly different process, but generally it breaks down to:

  1. Filing a form with basic information about you, your family and general requests from the divorce proceeding (for example, the Petition or Complaint)
  2. Submitting forms with info about your financial details. (Some states don’t require this at all, some ask for only the filing spouse’s details, and some require both spouses to do this.)
  3. Completing the final forms that state the terms of your divorce agreement.
We can help. We offer hourly lawyer, mediator, and divorce finance expert appointments. Usually these services require expensive retainers, but at Hello Divorce, we've worked to make sure these services are affordable and also have no retainers or minimum number of hours.

For the most part, the divorce process is filling out forms with your basic details, which people don’t usually need lawyers for. Generally, it’s when you need legal calculations, advice on your rights or agreement drafting that a lawyer is necessary. If you are working with your spouse but need help reaching an agreement on certain issues, in consideration of the law, a mediator can help. If you need help understanding the finances and how assets/debts should be divided, a CDFA can help.

With Hello Divorce, you can start on your paperwork with or without your spouse on board. Keep in mind, your spouse will need to participate in your divorce (be served initial paperwork, sign the final agreement, etc.).
If you can’t find your spouse or they won’t participate in the divorce process, you will not be able to proceed through the standard uncontested divorce path, but one of our attorneys can help you complete the divorce process. You can book an appointment here.

During the appointment, the attorney will review the specific facts of your divorce and determine what will be required to proceed.

A person with all of their financial documents and the terms of their divorce agreement could finish all of the forms within an hour or two. That said, you would still have to wait until after you’ve received the initial filing to update the forms with case number given to you by the court. Additionally, most states have mandatory waiting periods after the Petition is served before the court will finalize your divorce (for example, California has a 6-month waiting period but Utah is only 30 days).

As for Hello Divorce processing times, we generally respond within 1-2 business days of receiving your message. To review and respond with edits to a form, we take 1-5 days, depending on the complexity of the form. (For example, the Petition is very simple to review, whereas the final Judgment forms are more complicated). Once we file with the court, the processing time varies from county to county. We always file paperwork in the way that is the fastest for that county.

With the Pro, Plus, or Cooperative Mediation plans, Hello Divorce will deliver your forms to your spouse via standard mail. We can also help you serve via third party if your situation requires it.
In most states, there is a court-mandated waiting period before your divorce can be finalized. (For example, California has a 6-month waiting period but Utah is only 30 days, and New York doesn’t have one). Generally, this won’t prevent you from filling out and filing your paperwork and moving forward with your divorce during the time period, it just means your divorce won’t be “official” until at least the end of the waiting period.
Unlike most websites that offer just a PDF-filling software or legal advice, we provide you a comprehensive service that is flexible based on what you need. Our process is developed to a degree that actually gets people through the divorce process easily – from our best-in-tech divorce software to access to experienced, flat-fee lawyers, mediators and certified financial planners who work within the Hello Divorce platform. Additionally, other sites require spouses to work through the process together from the beginning, while we realize that’s not always possible.
In general, pick the plan that’s right for the information you have right now, because you can always add on financial services, legal advice, and mediation hours, or upgrade to another plan. If you’re still unsure, book a free call with us or watch this video that further explains our plans.
We don’t include filing or notarization fees in our plan prices. If you need to use a process server to serve your filed documents (mail service is included with your plan), you should expect an additional fee of approximately $75 to $200. Service to another state or country sometimes involves additional fees as well.

International divorces can potentially have additional fees depending upon the US and the overseas spouse’s country’s regulations.

We work with everyone! In fact, Hello Divorce makes it a point to understand the extra challenges divorcing as a same-sex couples presents in some states. We have helped hundreds of same-sex couples successfully divorce in the states we work in.
It’s usually when people have tried getting through their divorce forms downloaded from the county website that they realize how much easier our “questionnaires” are. We’ve rewritten the forms in an easy-to-understand way, and our award-winning software uses conditional logic to populate and generate the forms needed – without you ever having to look at the forms or figure out which ones to fill out.

If you work with a Hello Divorce account coordinator, they’ll be your extra review for accuracy and court acceptance.

We use PayPal's Pay Later feature for our payment plans. Simply check out via PayPal, then choose Pay Later in the PayPal checkout. PayPal has it's own terms for approval, which will tell you if you are approved and how many payments you will need to make for your plan.
All appointments are by telephone or online video conferencing at times that are convenient for you, which you will schedule. After purchasing, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule your appointment.
We can process your divorce through the Divorce Plus or Cooperative Divorce memberships.

The overseas spouse must be willing to cooperate, they must have a valid U.S. mailing address, and they must provide notarized, original signatures for the final judgment; the notarization must take place at a US embassy or consulate.

Additional service fees may apply.

If the international spouse’s country prevents us from providing complete service, you will only be charged for the work performed then refunded.

International divorce usually requires more processing time, potentially up to 18 months, due to mail and court processing delays.

Sometimes it may be easier for the spouse residing in the other country to be the Petitioner. (There is no advantage or disadvantage to being the Petitioner or Respondent). Talk to us about your options.

You can cancel your membership by emailing Our plans involve many aspects of service and are nonrefundable.
Feel free to explore our resources, use our web chatbot, search our knowledge base, or email us at Please note that we do not provide legal advice or strategy but are happy to discuss our process and services.

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