Download: The Ultimate Guide to Divorce Mediation

So you have decided on a using mediation for your divorce. Congratulations! No really, we mean it. You will be saving thousands of dollars in legal fees and be in control of your own destiny – not leaving it up to a judge who knows little or nothing about you or your life.

Instead of throwing each other under the bus in court and rehashing old wounds, you are focusing on your future. Maybe the silver lining here is that you are living with intention and making deliberate choices instead of letting life just pass you by. Whatever your motivation is, we are here to help.

The hard truth: Mediation can be grueling. Even a skilled mediator can't protect you from all the emotional triggers that come up during the process of ending your (marital) relationship. We'll help you keep your eyes on the prize: a win-win resolution that sets you up for your next best chapter. Download our checklist below or schedule time with one of our skilled, compassionate mediators.