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Is deciding what to do with your home holding you back from divorce?

Whether you're thinking about selling your home or keeping it, our team of real estate experts is ready to help simplify the process of dividing up home equity. We'll work with you to find personalized solutions that meet your immediate financial needs and support your long-term plans, making it easier for you to decide whether to buy out your spouse's share or access your share of the equity.

A Divorce Real Estate Finance Expert is someone who knows the ins and outs of managing home loans and finances during a divorce. They understand how banks decide who gets a loan, especially when going through a divorce, and they're skilled at making sure the agreements you write with your spouse will help you achieve the best possible outcome with lenders later on. Essentially, they help ensure that the financial decisions you make today will benefit you when it's time to finalize your divorce and move on with your life.

How can a divorce real estate expert help me?

Our experts will be able to walk you through complex topics such as:

  • Is your current loan assumable, and what would that mean to you
  • Will you be able to buy your spouse out
  • Will your spouse be able to buy you out
  • Evaluate your property detail report (included in the consult) to identify ownership, liens, taxes, or other encumbrances on your home you may not be aware of
  • Assist in valuing your home and articulating the differences between appraisals, comparative market analyses, and digital appraisals and when to use them.
  • Explain each of the ways individuals can access equity in their home
  • Suggest creative solutions for home retention 
  • Review of your current credit profile 

What happens during your meeting?

If you haven’t already had an initial free consultation  or if they feel a follow-up meeting is required, they will send you a recap of the discussion via email with further instructions on preparing for the subsequent meeting(s).  

You may be asked to secure mortgage payment information on your current home, income documentation, asset statements, the cost of your homeowner’s insurance, property tax bill information, and, if applicable, the fees your HOA charges per month.

After the consultation, the expert will prepare documents for you to supplement your divorce process and provide clarity to attorneys or mediators.

Protect your financial future

We don't just advise – we connect you to the best agents, brokers, and financial professionals who offer competitive rates and extensive experience. Our commitment is to find the perfect match for your needs, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your real estate decisions. We remain at your side, ready to answer any questions and guide you throughout the process.

Court filing fees vary by county and state and are not included in the divorce plan price.

Your First Real Estate Divorce Finance Session is Free


Meet with a real estate expert to get an overview of your options

During this session, our experts will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of your options. If further discussion is needed, they will summarize the meeting in an email, including steps to prepare for any follow-up consultations.

You may need to gather details like mortgage statements, income documentation, asset statements, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, and, if applicable, HOA fees.

Following the consultation, our expert will prepare essential documents to aid your divorce proceedings and ensure clarity for any attorneys or mediators involved.

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