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We believe that how experts approach the divorce process makes or breaks how the their clients will experience divorce.

Hello Divorce is looking for the right Trusted Partners – experienced professionals that share our core values and have a proven track record of making divorce easier and kinder.

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Our Trusted Partners have access to more than 500K potential clients each year

We're looking for the right experts to partner with us to expand our mission.

Hello Divorce believes divorce is a human right – no one should have to stay in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship. 

  • We sort out conflict, not ramp it up and see litigation as a last resort. 
  • We embrace technology as a tool to better serve and collaborate with our clients.
  • We recognize the barriers and biases within the court system and show up with solutions rooted in fairness.
  • We earn the love and trust of our customers by making complex things simple, meeting them where they are at and leading with empathy.
  • We believe in litigation is a last resort not as a likely scenario in every divorce.
  • We are committed to helping to bridge the access to justice gap by always being transparent with pricing and offering unbundled services, fixed fees or payment plans when possible.

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