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Alex Meeks

Family Law Attorney

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Alex in one of Hello Divorce's attorneys and mediators, and has been an attorney for more than 15 years and a mom for more than 12. She is passionate about helping kids and families thrive. For the first decade or so of her law career, Alex was an Attorney for children at one of the busiest and best child advocacy providers in the country - the Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn, NY. In that role, Alex represented hundreds of children whose parents had either passed away or otherwise weren’t in a position to make decisions for them. These children’s fates were left to a stranger (a Judge) and it was Alex's job to be their voice. From this experience, Alex brings a child-focused attitude to every matter. Whether crafting the guardianship provisions in a will or hammering out the nitty-gritty details of a custody agreement, Alex strive to help busy parents create solid plans that put children first and keep their families out of court.

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