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Leah Morris

Life & Relationship Transition

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Leah is a Life and Relationship Transition coach and the founder of Life Remade, a holistic personal coaching service. With a lifetime of experience and 5 years as a professional coach, she specializes in guiding people as they move through both short-term and long-term life transitions. Leah holds a BA in Organizational Communication, is a certified Transformational Life Coach and a certified Hypnosis Practitioner. Largely driven by her core value of integrity, she has expanded beyond her own coaching practice. Now, she also represents a team of international coaches with varying backgrounds, and acts as a bridge by matching clients with the most aligned Life Remade coach on her team.

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How a Life Coach Can Help You Thrive after Divorce
How a Life Coach Can Help You Thrive after Divorce
After my divorce, I went to therapy. I read self-help books. I journaled. I found a divorce life coach. And all of this helped me start my next chapter.