Worksheet: Goal Setting for Life Post-Divorce

When it's all over, it's going to hit you like a ton of bricks: Your divorce has been finalized.

This process has taken so much energy and surfaced so many emotions. Finally, it's done. Now what? My sincere hope is that you never have to ask yourself that question. Because the most centered, happy, and confident people I've worked with have one thing in common: They planned ahead to set themselves up for success post-divorce.

And, it's not as difficult as you might think. Visualizing what your life will look like after your divorce is an excellent tool to help you stay focused on the bigger picture during a process that is almost guaranteed to drag you into the weeds, left and right, until every last detail is sorted.

The stronger your vision of life post-divorce, the more focused you'll be on the next chapter. And setting a goal or two can help you strengthen that vision. Focusing on the future is a terrific way to remind yourself that this period in your life is temporary. You will get past this, you will move on to your next amazing chapter, and there's absolutely no reason that you can't start working toward that chapter right now.

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