5 Awesome Post-Breakup Services to Help You Move On

When you're the founder of a post-breakup concierge service, you get to know a lot of interesting people offering interesting services that help people move past heartbreak. Here are a few services that we connect our users with at Onward that you probably never thought of needing but that you'll definitely want to add to your list:

Craft a beautiful breakup narrative (or at least one you can live with)

If both you and your ex are willing, couples therapists with Octave, a service we love here at Onward, offer breakup counseling. Your therapist will sit down with both of you and help you get closure on the relationship and come to an agreement on what to tell people about why you've split up. It's an extremely helpful service for those ex-couples who still travel in the same circles, or who work at the same company.

Find a co-living space

Like a college dorm for adults, our partner, Ollie, offers dorm-style lodging for our clients who need to move out fast. The company rents out entire buildings and makes co-living a fun, social occasion – perfect for anyone who is nervous about finding new connections and community post-breakup. Chances are, if you're living in a co-living space for a while, you'll find someone else in a similar situation to bond with. And maybe you'll also find the perfect new roommate!

A personal trainer – for your finances

Post-divorce or post-cohabitation, your finances are probably going to change. Suddenly you may find that your dreams of homeownership or making that final car payment now feel impossible to do alone. Or maybe you just want a little help looking forward to plan for your next move. Enter The Financial Gym. As they describe on their website: like a regular gym, you pay a monthly membership fee, but unlike a regular gym, your monthly fee includes a dedicated financial trainer (your B.F.F., or Best. Financial. Friend.) who works with you one-on-one to help you set financial goals and create a plan for accomplishing them, supporting you along the way. At Onward, we've partnered with them because they're smart, fun, and available nationwide.

Get inside your head

As I work with new Onward clients, the concern I hear most is that people are afraid of being alone, of losing the connections they had from the relationships that just ended. I often refer our users to a mindfulness studio like MNDFL, where you can immediately be with others but still maintain space to focus and reconnect with your true non-couple self. Mindfulness studios have popped up around the country, offering guided meditations that promote positivity and connectivity while reducing psychological distress and anxiety.

Swipe with intention

When you're ready to re-enter the dating world, a dating coach can help. At Onward, we work with Lily Womble at Date Brazen who helps women (sorry, guys) get in the right mindset to date in a way that is true to them. She helps you identify qualities about yourself that you love and things about dating that you can't stand. She'll help you design a dating strategy that gives you the comfort of knowing where, when, and how to search for your best relationship yet. And, she'll help you style a knockout dating profile that is true to the amazing you that you are. (See? Told you you'd definitely want to add all these services to your list!)

We've got more helpful advice to share. If you're newly separated and not sure where to go from here, schedule your free 15-minute call with a member of our team now.


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