Fill-in-the-Blank DIY Divorce Paperwork with the Divorce Navigator

Californians looking for an easier way to complete their divorce paperwork in California can utilize Hello Divorce's fill-in-the-blank divorce paperwork through our Divorce Navigator. It's a game-changer for DIY divorce.

Our web application allows you to complete the forms required for divorce in your state in plain language. You can do it on your own, at your own pace, without having to fork out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. The average cost of divorce in California is at least $14,000 per person. At Hello Divorce, we've managed to bring that average down to $1,500 for both of you.

How does the Divorce Navigator work?

Watch our video to see how (in 90 seconds):

Divorce Navigator makes the paperwork easier, but we know better than anyone that divorce is more than just paperwork. Our goal is to make divorce more accessible, transparent, and humane.

We guide you through the entire divorce process with a library of informative resources, checklists, how-tos, instructional videos, and flat-fee legal services. We've also developed tools and curated resources from experts in the wellness space, like Annie Wright and Laura Aiello, to help you navigate the transitions that come with breaking up.

Skip the lawyer on retainer and speed up the paperwork

Divorce Navigator simplifies the process of completing and filing lengthy and often confusing divorce paperwork. Our app walks you through an easy-to-understand guided interview. The form adapts to each user, asking only the questions that are relevant to your divorce based on each of your previous answers. Work at your own pace, and save your responses at every step.

You can still get help from a lawyer if you need it (for a transparent, flat-rate fee)

Should you find yourself with questions or need help at any point in the process, we're here for you. Access legal help from experienced lawyers and legal document assistants on-demand at a flat-rate fee. After you're done completing our online fill-in-the-blank divorce paperwork, the click of a button will transfer your answers to the divorce forms that pertain to your case.

Then, print your official court paperwork with our instructions and a checklist for filing on your own. Or, hire legal help at a flat rate to file paperwork on your behalf.


Divorce Specialists
After spending years in toxic and broken family law courts, and seeing that no one wins when “lawyer up,” we knew there was an opportunity to do and be better. We created Hello Divorce to the divorce process easier, affordable, and completely online. Our guiding principles are to make sure both spouses feel heard, supported, and set up for success as they move into their next chapter in life.