10 Common Divorce Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) Webinar Replay

At Hello Divorce, one of the most common questions we're asked is:

"What are the most common mistakes you see people make with their divorce, and how can I avoid making them?"

So, we turned the answers into a webinar so everyone could access the answers. If you missed CEO Erin Levine's live webinars, it's not too late to watch! You can still learn the 10 most common divorce mistakes and our advice for avoiding them, in the recording below. Lots of good stuff packed into a quick 34 minutes. And if you're thinking about divorce or just beginning the divorce process, you can't afford to not watch this video.

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Founder, CEO & Certified Family Law Specialist
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After over a decade of experience as a Certified Family Law Specialist, Mediator and law firm owner, Erin was fed up with the inefficient and adversarial “divorce corp” industry and set out to transform how consumers navigate divorce - starting with the legal process. By automating the court bureaucracy and integrating expert support along the way, Hello Divorce levels the playing field between spouses so that they can sort things out fairly and avoid missteps. Her access to justice work has been recognized by the legal industry and beyond, with awards and recognition from the likes of Women Founders Network, TechCrunch, Vice, Forbes, American Bar Association and the Pro Bono Leadership award from Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Erin lives in California with her husband and two children, and is famously terrible at board games.