Property Waiver for Tulare County, California Divorce

In addition to the standard divorce forms created through the Divorce Navigator, Tulare County has just recently added a new required document.

Don’t worry, it’s simple! Neither party has to sign this document. Simply print and include it with your forms before filing.

The document basically states that you and your spouse agree that the division of community property is equal and fair. See the full text below.

Get the waiver HERE.

Family Code §2550 Waiver
Each party waived the provisions of Section 2550 of the Family Code pertaining to an equal division of the community property. The parties waive this provision and mutually agree that there is consideration for the division of the property described herein, whether it is mathematically equal or unequal, and that the consideration consists of, among other things, a final resolution of the marital rights of the parties hereto. The parties agree and stipulate that the division of community property set out in their Marital Settlement Agreement is essentially equal, that each party believes the division to be fair, just, and an equitable division of the community property.