How To File a Fee Waiver for Colorado Divorce Court

When you file your petition or response form, you will need to pay the filing fee to the court. This is normally $230 if you are filing the petition and $116 if you are filing the response.

If you are unable to pay the filing fee

If you cannot pay the filing fee, you can fill out the waiver forms below. Depending on your financial situation, the court may be able to waive your filing fee or offer a payment plan. Filling out the forms does not guarantee the court will waive your filing fee.

Other fees may still apply

If the court does waive your filing fee, this does not mean you will not have to pay other fees later in the process. These can include service fees, certification fees, or paying to make copies of documents. This waiver form is only for the court filing fee.

When you finish the filing fee waiver interview and generate your form, please make sure you sign it. This form can be added to your already generated petition or response form(s) and must be filed with them

Other required documents

You will also need to gather the following support documents to file with your filing fee waiver:

  • Copies of bank statements for the past three months (savings and checking)
  • Copies of pay stubs or other proof of income for the past three months
  • If you receive unemployment benefits, Social Security, SSI, alimony, or worker's compensation, these all need to be provided as part of the proof of income above.

Once you provide the completed documents, the court will decide whether you need to pay the filing fee.

If you have a Hello Divorce plan, complete the online questionnaire at this link to have the required forms generated for you.

If you do not have a paid membership, you can access the Filing Fee Waiver forms JDF 205 and JDF 206 and complete them on your own.

Please make sure you sign your completed forms!

When you have completed this step, you can continue in the Divorce Navigator by clicking here.