Worksheet: Create a Texas Co Parenting Plan

You and your ex are divorcing, and you have kids in Texas. Now what?

The best thing for you and your kids is to come up with a way to co-parent that feels stable, calm, and understanding. We recommend working on a comprehensive parenting plan together. Your parenting plan helps you and your ex agree on a process for making sure your kids are taken care of emotionally and financially, and for making sure you have a plan in place to ensure that both you and your ex remain a full part of your children's lives. It also will help you when you need to fill out your Standard Possession Order in Texas as part of your divorce documents.

We've put together a comprehensive worksheet for you to download and work on with your ex so you get all your plans in place in the way your judge in Texas expects to see it. The main thing to remember is the one thing in common with your ex for the rest of your life: your love for your kids.

Download our Texas Parenting Plan Worksheet