Download: Divorce Glossary of Terms

You'll no doubt encounter several confusing terms, titles, procedural concepts, and other legalese during the divorce process. We create a free downloadable PDF with all the terms you're likely to hear with definitions in plain English. Keep it handy for reference when filling out and understanding paperwork, preparing for court hearings, thinking about legal options, and all steps of your divorce. And, if we missed something, please reach out to us via email.

Download our free Glossary of Divorce and Legal Terms

Divorce Specialists
After spending years in toxic and broken family law courts, and seeing that no one wins when “lawyer up,” we knew there was an opportunity to do and be better. We created Hello Divorce to the divorce process easier, affordable, and completely online. Our guiding principles are to make sure both spouses feel heard, supported, and set up for success as they move into their next chapter in life.